Wormhole Attack in NS2

Guidance to implement Wormhole Attack using NS2

What is wormhole attack? How to Implement Wormhole attack using NS2 Simulator?

Wormhole attacks, the attackers tunnel the packets between distant locations in the network through an in-band or out-of-band channel.Wormhole can attract and bypass a large amount of network traffic, and thus the attacker can collect and manipulate network traffic.Wormhole tunnel gives two distant nodes the illusion that they are close to each other.


Security approaches in wormhole attack:

  • Authentication.
  • Identity certificates.
  • Authorization.

Effects of wormhole attack:

  • Change the network topology.
  • Changing normal messages stream.
  • False/forged routing information.
  • Packet destruction/alteration by wormhole nodes.

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Sample code for wormhole attack

This is the code for configuring wormhole nodes in manet

# configure Wormholes

		#puts "Making first wormhole"
	 	set n14 [$ns node]
		$n14 set X_ 300.0
		$n14 set Y_ 500.0
		$n14 set Z_ 0.0
		$ns initial_node_pos $n14 20	
		$ns at 0.01 "$n14 label \"wh1\""

		set n15 [$ns node]
		$n15 set X_ 900.0
		$n15 set Y_ 300.0
		$n15 set Z_ 0.0
		$ns initial_node_pos $n15 20
		$ns at 0.01 "$n15 label \"wh2\""

		#[$n14 set ll_(0)] wormhole-peer [$n15 set ll_(0)]
		#[$n15 set ll_(0)] wormhole-peer [$n14 set ll_(0)]

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