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Guidance to Implement NS2 simulator Projects

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NS2 is a most prominent tool to develop network, protocol and topology. We ensure NS2 as discrete event based simulator and have capacity to extend and modify. We offer Ns2 projects in Pune for college students and research scholars under networking domain around pune. We support NS2 simulation to design new routing protocol with multicast function. We implement code in NS2 for network ensures more application developed in wireless network. We can provide compassion of single and multi routing protocol separately.

Location Free Greedy Face Greedy Routing:

In wireless network topology modification ensure change in node includes Run out of power, fail (or) join Network. To ensure guarantee delivery in Network we use location free Greedy face greedy routing protocol which taken from the reference of Springer Papers. To create virtual network in unique network plane we have LFGFG with multivalued, multiple virtual nodes and multiple virtual links. We implement LF-GEG algorithm which works based on VN and spanning planner subgraph connection. We evaluated various performance metrics such as maintenance time; message overhead in more than 80+ projects by Ns2 simulation tool.

Internet Service Provider:

To enhance efficiency we implement an important and effective way called internet service provider and peering. We use internet peering which reduce cost and reliance on purchased internet transit. ISP is used to reduce telecommunication

cost. We use ISP to generate communication among end users and public business internet.

IPS Characteristics:

We attain by implementing IPS are:

Lower Latency.
Low Transmit Costs.

Peering Process in ISP:

We provide the goals to perform peering process are:-

Peering as soon as possible.
For various network architecture execute regional operation plans.
Satisfy network connection in large business.
Maximize benefits of systematic approach.
Reduce cost for interconnection and Trans it process.

Optical Packet Network:

We create optical packet network by various equipped switches with set of limited range wavelength converters. We use optional packet network scheduling algorithm to increase switch throughput. We provide M.Tech projects to overcome scheduling problem. We use maximum bipartite matching (MBM) with convex graph MBM algorithm mainly focused on switch level performance. We implement MBM with minimum edge to eradicate scheduling problem formation. We implement this algorithm by NS2 simulation.

Random Early Demotion and Promotion:

We use various services model to evaluate best effort internet with QoS and packet level differentiation. We ensure end to service differentiation by per hop behavior basis. We adopt edge router in each domain to aggregate incoming packet flow and demote packet with inter domain service agreement. We permit random early demotion and promotion as:

Demote Packets are easily detected and promoted.
Every fair demotion packet depends on packet flows.

REDP using 3 color marking scheme by NS2 simulation tool. We gave marking scheme as one color to differentiate demoted packet and packet with original out of profile

NS2 Projects Video Output

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Ns2 Projects

Customized NS2 Projects for B.E/B.Tech/M.E/M.Tech/Ms/PhD Scholars.

Ns2 Projects Screen Shots

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Journal Support for Research Scholars

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Ns2 Projects Work Progress

  • MANET – Mobile Ad Hoc Network 95%
  • VANET – Vechicle Ad Hoc Netwok 97%
  • LTE – Long Term Evolution 78%
  • IoT – Internet of Things 90%
  • Wireless Sensor Network 89%
  • Network Security 89%
  • Ns2 Attacks 96%
  • Cognitive Radio Network 85%
  • Parallel and Distributed Computing 73%
  • SDN – Software Defined Networking 95%
  • P2P , Video Streaming , Peersim 96%
  • IPV4 , IPV6 88%
  • 4G Network , 5G Network 80%
  • Visual , Underwater Sensor Network 79%
  • Multicasting Communication 84%
  • Wimax, WiFi 90%
  • OFDMA 94%

Our Achievements – Ns2 Projects

Ns2 Projects Achievements