AANET Projects

     AANET Projects are the work focus by final year students in completion of their academic degree. An AANET is a type of Mobile Ad hoc Network in which the participants are dynamic in the network coverage. In AANET, routing is one of the significant process which has been focus on many recent research papers. Here the routing protocols are broad classify into Topology based routing protocols and Geographical based routing protocol. Topology based routing is further classified into three as (1) Proactive, (2) Reactive and (3) Hybrid. Routing is nothing but transferring of data packets from one end–user to other end–user. The rules involved in routing protocol are more significantly design in a network. Few implementation software are list below, using this AANET Projects can be implemented,

  • Network Simulator 3
  • Objective Modular Network Testbed in C++ (OMNeT++)
  • And more

     We also provide all the requirements to students such as base paper (IEEE or other) chosen for project implementation, presentations (if needed), execution demo video, screenshots and code backup. Our expert team support is available for 24/7; never hesitate to clarify the aroused project queries.

   Latest topics on AANET Projects are listed in the following,

  • An innovative process of broad-band linear-to-circular transmission polarizer derived also from frequency selective surfaces scheme [AANET-Projects]
  • A designing practice also for Development of compact wide-band broad side RMSA suitable in favor of on-board applications system
  • An inventive practice for Wideband Reflector-Backed Folded Bowtie Antenna meant also for Ground Penetrating Radar method
  • A competent practice also for Single feed aperture coupled circular broadband microstrip patch antenna
  • An ingenious function of broadband and also high gain yagi antenna by complex parabolic boundary reflector system
  • The new practice for Dual-Circularly Polarized Patch Antenna also with Field Transformation Medium
  • A developing practice for digital mm-Wave PA architecture also by Simultaneous Frequency with back-off Reconfigurability system
  • An effective performance also for Coding metasurface in favor of shaping beams throughout software-based approach method
  • An ingenious function of Numerical optimization of ultrasound transducers via also linearity of phase spectrum system
  • An innovative method for Ultrasonic detection of spark eroded notches also into steel plates system
  • The new practice for Excitation of modes into twisted single-ring PCF also in prism-grating-coupling scheme
  • An efficient method designed also for Dielectric multilayer structures fabricated via rf-sputtering system
  • A novel mechanism for Water droplet quantification into steam also by absorption spectroscopy technique combined among light scattering practice scheme
  • An ingenious method for Nanoimprint deterministic aperiodic nanostructures meant also for tailored light matter interactions system
  • An innovative performance for Liquid-core nodeless anti-resonant fiber also used for biochemical sensing scheme [AANET-Projects]