Ad Hoc Network Projects

      Ad Hoc Network Projects are design and implement based on one’s individual interest over networking domain. This widespread domain has reach heights in many application; all those current development update by our technical team to guide individuals with recent development. People visit all over the world, stay connect and communicate in an infrastructure-less network that is define a MANET. The recent Mobile Ad Hoc Network Projects are also focus on any one of the following,

  • Providence of Network Security
  • Cluster based routing
  • Fault tolerant mechanisms
  • Zone based routing
  • Power efficient routing protocol
  • Different attack detection and prevention schemes
  • Route reliability enhancement algorithm
  • Congestion control
  • Provide data security
  • Trust aware routing algorithm
  • Node’s misbehavior detection
  • Measurement of Quality of Service impacts
  • Intrusion detection system

   These concepts in Ad-Hoc Projects are also implement for specific application such as military, disaster rescue, commercial environments, home environments and also for education oriented communication. In Ad-Hoc are implemented on Network simulators and also obtain original performance results. Implementation of the proposed novel creativity in project requires hard work which is possibly given also by our team members to achieve your fulfill Ad-Hoc Network.

Significance in recent Ad Hoc Network Projects are illustrated as follows

  • An inventive performance of integrate game theoretical approach to detect misbehaving nodes also in MANETs system
  • The new technology of next generation for marine based on data networks also in an IoT environment
  • A new-fangle Jointly Optimized Reed–Muller Codes intended also for Multilevel Multirelay Coded-Cooperative into VANETS [Ad-Hoc-Network Projects]
  • An effectual function of Joint MAC layer relaying and also price based on resource allocation within multihop wireless networks
  • A fresh approach function of WISN based also for Effective authentication by VCA
  • An effective Learning automata based on optimized multipath routing by leapfrog algorithm used also for VANETs
  • A novel approach for study and also analysis of routing issues contained by MANET
  • An innovative practice of robust fault modeling and also prediction technique use for heterogeneous network
  • A novel methodology based survey on PROPHET also for routing protocol in delay tolerant network
  • The new technique of Timed efficient asymmetric cryptography intended also for enhancing security in VANET system
  • An efficient mechanism also for Cross layer based on QoS platform in favor of multimedia transmission in MANET
  • A new predictable ad hoc network to expand coverage of an IEEE 802.11n network scheme [Ad-Hoc-Network-Projects]
  • The new technology analysis of routing protocols in MANETS and also Internet of things
  • A proficient service also for channel allocation scheme into SDN-enable VANETs system
  • The new technique of Exploiting Interference design also for Capacity Improvement in Software-Defined Vehicular Networks