Artificial Neural Network Topics

Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) has the capability to study and design these non-linear and complex relations. Our artificial neural network topics are enriched with a vast amount of thought-provoking research ideas for solving these relationship problems in a real-world situation. 

What is an ANN?                                                                               

As a point of fact, ANN operations are carried out based on the principles that work with the human brain. For that, it builds the appropriate relations through silicon and wires which act as living neurons and dendrites.  In other words, ANN is a biologically inspired computational model which is composed of processing elements and connections between them. As well, it incorporates the training and recall algorithms for function execution. 

This page mainly deals with the latest research artificial neural network topics!!!

What are the algorithms used in neural networks?

In particular, the neural network is a series of optimized mathematical procedures mainly designed for producing some sort of desired output. No matter what, it can be used for anything like making certain predictions using evidence which the representation consistently remains the same. There are various Neural Networks procedures such as Learning Vector Quantization, Feed Forward ANN, Feed Back ANN, and many more.

  • Recurrent Neural Network
  • Supervised Learning Model
  • Physical Neural Networks
  • Networks Models of Memory

What are Neural Networks used for?

Essentially, neural networks are used to make out relationships and hidden patterns in raw data. Further, it is used for clustering, classifying raw data, and learning continuously. In many cases, neural networks solve day-to-day real-world complex problems. For this, it learns and models the connections among inputs and outputs. Next, it reveals the hidden relations, predictions, and model variances for forecasting rare events like fraud detection. In some cases, it also models highly volatile data like time-series data. Choosing interesting artificial neural network topics will help to bring about massive change in futuristic development. In addition, we have listed the following systems to improve decision processes in neural network areas, network related projects.

Latest Artificial Neural Network Topics for PhD and MS Scholars

What are the applications of a neural network?

  • Process and Quality Control 
  • Robotic Control System
  • Transportation Logistics Optimization 
  • Character and Voice Recognition
  • Wireless Body area network
  • Healthcare fraud detection using credit card
  • Computer Vision for Raw Images and Videos Interpretation

What are the types of neural networks?

Here, our experts have itemized the types of neural networks with their related applications for your information.

  • Feed Forward (FF)
    • Applications
      • Data Compression
      • Sonar Target Detection
      • Pattern and Speech Recognition
      • Identification of Handwritten Characters 
      • Computer Vision Techniques and System
  • Radial Basis Network (RBN)
    • Applications
      • System Control
      • Classification
      • Function Approximation
      • Time Series Prediction and Analysis
  • Deep Feed-Forward (DFF)
    • Applications
      • Computer Vision
      • Recognition of Pattern
      • Financial Prediction
      • ECG Noise Filtering 
      • Compression of Data
  • Recurrent Neural Network (RNN)
    • Applications
      • Rhythm Learning
      • Machine Translation
      • Music Composition
      • Time Series Forecasting
      • Robotics Control System
      • Time Series Anomaly Detection
      • Speech Recognition and Synthesis
  • Long / Short Term Memory (LSTM)
    • Applications
      • Recognition of Writing
      • Recognition of Speech
  • Gated Recurrent Unit (GRU)
    • Applications
      • Modeling of Speech Signal 
      • Natural Language Processing
      • Polyphonic Music Modeling

Thus far, we have seen about the neural network demand, usage, types, algorithms, applications, etc. Now let’s see crucial research topics that gain attention among scholars in the research community.

5 Main Artificial Neural Network Topics 

           In modern technology, the usage of ANN is extensive and massive. Our experts are willing to bring the following research ideas for your consideration. 

  • Speech Recognition
    • As a matter of fact, speech conquers a noticeable part in human-to-human interaction. Accordingly, it is usual for people to presume speech interfaces through computers. 
    • At the present time, sophisticated programming languages are used for communication with machines which are hard to study and practice.
    • ANN Methods – Hyper Parameters Optimized ANN 
  • Character Recognition
    • It is one of the exciting problems which comes from the wide-ranging Pattern Recognition area. 
    • There are several neural networks have designed for automatic handwritten characters recognition like either letters or digits. 
    • ANN Methods – Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis based ANN   
  • Neocognitron
    • However, there are many hidden layers in back-propagation neural networks; the pattern of connection from one layer to the next is localized. 
    • In the same way, recognition also has numerous hidden layers which support layer by layer training
    • ANN Methods – Optimized Hybrid ANN  
  • Signature Verification Application
    • Signatures are considered to be an effective method to authorize and authenticate a person in legitimate relations. 
    • Also, it is a non-vision-based technique. For this application, first extracts the geometrical feature which signifies the signature. 
    • Next on these extracted feature sets, implement an efficient neural network algorithm to train the neural networks. 
    • After that, the neural network categorizes the signature as genuine or fake
    • ANN Methods – DNN, CNN 
  • Human Face Recognition
    • It is a biometric method to recognize the face for personal identity verification
    • If a neural network is well trained, then it classifies into two classes namely images with faces and images without faces.
    • ANN Methods – GRU, Feed Forward Neural Network

Above, we have given you very little information about the recent artificial neural network topics. For more information about PhD Guidance in Artificial Neural Network, you can contact us. Our experts have well-established technical knowledge in all the latest ANN research developments. So, you can make use of it for your PhD Guidance in Artificial Neural Network.