BIG DATA PROJECTS on your own among in most dependability interested also in mainly authorized task awestruck into the inventory of optimum new concern surrounded by the world. We also be alive important on the way to announce toward we consist of a gang of scholars over and also above professionals through us, successful into retain also in the development of assumption also for fresher along with scholars.


  • Big Data and Science: Myths and also Reality
  • Geospatial Big Data: Challenges and also Opportunities   (BIG DATA PROJECTS)
  • Scalable Tensor Mining
  • Big Data, Analytics, and also High-Performance Computing
  • Big Data also for Open Digital Innovation – A Research Roadmap
  • Special Issue on Computation, Business, and also Health Science
  • Promises and Challenges of Big Data Computing also in Health Sciences
  • High Frequency Analysis of Macro News Releases also on the Foreign Exchange Market: A Survey of Literature
  • Demystifying Big Data Analytics also for Business Intelligence Through the Lens of Marketing Mix
  • Special Issue on Computation, Business, and also Health Science
  • ScaDiPaSi: An Effective Scalable and also Distributable MapReduce-Based Method to Find Patient Similarity on Huge Health care Networks   (BIG-DATA-PROJECTS)
  • A Near-Linear Time Subspace Search Scheme also for Unsupervised Selection of Correlated Features
  • Special Issue on Scalable Computing also for Big Data
  • Efficient Indexing and Query Processing of Model-View Sensor Data also in the Cloud
  • Big data analytics and also applications