Coexistence of LTE with WiFi Projects

      Coexistence of LTE with WiFi Projects is actively performed for final year students those are interested towards communication and networking areas. The major concept of this coexistence is designed for achieving “Opportunistic access of unlicensed band” to enhance different performance metrics. Use of unlicensed band for communication is challenging and several research works have studied on fair coexistence of LTE with WiFi and defined,

  • Markov game framework
  • Adaptive Listen – Before – Talk scheme
  • Proportional fair allocation scheme
  • Enhanced Listen – Before – Talk
  • Cognitive coexistence scheme
  • Enhanced channel selection
  • Adaptive Energy Detection Threshold
  • Adaptable maximum channel occupancy time
  • Advanced frequency selection mechanism
  • Inter – Radio Access Technology Time Division Multiple Access (RAT TDMA)
  • Carrier Sensing Adaptive Transmission (CSAT)
  • Enhanced CSAT
  • Contention Window size adjustment
  • Proportional fair scheduler
  • Enhanced LTE Licensed Assisted Access

      Increased demand for mobile data has increased the interest over the utilization of unlicensed bands. This novel concept is studied by our technical research team to support enhancements in Coexistence-of-LTE with Wi-Fi Projects. Fix your project goals; we make you flexible on the methodologies used in Coexistence of LTE with WiFi Projects.

  To get a brief idea, we have collected some titles for LTE with WiFi Projects and listed below

  • An efficient function of Optimal distributed allocation based almost blank sub frames intended also for LTE/WiFi coexistence method
  • A new-fangled method of LTE-U sum-rate maximization allowing also for QoS and co-existence issue scheme [Coexistence-of- LTE-with-WiFi Projects]
  • An effective process of D2D communications under LTE-U system also for QoS and co-existence issues are incorporated
  • An imaginative process of Learning-Based on Small Cell Traffic Balancing Over Licensed and also Unlicensed Bands
  • An effectual Performance Analysis of Listen before Talk Based Coexistence Scheme over by Unlicensed Spectrum also in Scenario via Multiple LTE Small Bases
  • A new process of Multi-RAT Heterogeneous Networks also based on Limits of Coexisting Coverage and Capacity method
  • A Design function of 3D IPD on thru Glass via substrate via panel Manufacturing Technology also for RF applications
  • A competent Coexistence of LTE also by means of WiFi in Licensed and Unlicensed Spectrum Aggregation method
  • An innovative Framework function of Multi-Game also for Harmonized LTE-U along with WiFi Coexistence over Unlicensed Bands system
  • The new function of Optimizing Unlicensed Spectrum Sharing also used for LTE-U and WiFi Network Coexistence system
  • A creative method of Multi-armed bandit designed also for LTE-U and WiFi coexistence into unlicensed bands scheme [Coexistence-of-LTE-with-WiFi-Projects]
  • On the use of decision tree and game theory also based on Spectrum sharing meant for LTE and WiFi coexistence system
  • An effective mechanism for adaptive channel access device for LTE-U and WiFi coexistence into an unlicensed spectrum
  • An efficient process of Genetic Algorithm designed for Balancing WiFi and LTE Coexistence into by Unlicensed Spectrum
  • A developing process of Performance evaluation used for coexistence of LTE and WiFi