Cognitive Packet Network Projects

     Cognitive Packet Network Projects are present for final year students of B.E, B.Tech, M.E and M.Tech. Mostly the students interest on networking domain will chose to work in Cognitive Packet Network. In Cognitive Packet Network is a special type of network which is capable to perform routing. Routing in this network is support by different types of packets and different elements in a node. A node in Cognitive Packet Network is comprise of the following element:


  • Each packet includes code from which the routing decision is made. The decision is taken based on any specify adaptive algorithm.

Cognitive Map

  • This element is responsible for storing the information that is arrived from cognitive packet. Hence the information includes both the source and destination node.


  • This element is comprise of acknowledgements of a node. Mailbox acts as an intermediate for transmitting cognitive packets. Mailbox includes the information of local queue length, downstream delay, packet loss ratio and also latest cognitive packet.


  • Buffer element defines the temporary storage which is unlimited in its capacity. Output buffer is also responsible to transmit data packet to other nodes.

   Let us give some recent titles in Cognitive Packet Network Projects,

  • A novel learning process of Formal Methods into Generalize Heterogeneous Mobile Malware Propagation and also Their Impacts system
  • An inventive function of Implementation also based on time-triggered ethernet via colored Petri NET system [Cognitive-Packet-Network-Projects]
  • A competent performance also for Distribution network reconfiguration designed for load balancing by a colored Petri net algorithm system
  • An effective Modeling process and analysis of DNA mutation type also based on colored Petri net scheme
  • An efficient mechanism also for Firmware functional validation via Colored Petri Net model system
  • A fresh process of Conditional preference nets designed for user and also item cold start problems into music recommendation system
  • The new-fangled mechanism for MUMBA based on Multi-unit multi-broker auctions used also for CRNs method
  • An innovative performance for Interface driven service composition also by highlevel colored PetriNet based on advance system
  • A modern mechanism for Safe and feasible motion generation intended also for autonomous driving via constrained policy net scheme
  • A design process of task scheduling algorithm also used for HPC applications via colored stochastic Petri Net models
  • An effective usage also for Evaluating ISO privacy requirements on role RBAC restrict mode via CPN modeling system
  • The novel method also for OpenFlow Modeling Based on CPN in favor of Evolution Consideration and Executable Test Case Generation system [Cognitive-Packet-Network-Projects]
  • On the Usage of CPN Models also into Web Service Compositions method
  • A learning process based on Formal Methods into Generalize Heterogeneous Mobile Malware Propagation and also Their Impacts function
  • An innovative performance also for Verification of Business Processes by Time Constraints system