Cognitive Radio Network–Cooperative Spectrum Sensing Projects

     Cognitive Radio Network–Cooperative Spectrum Sensing Projects are design for final year students of B.E, B.Tech, M.E and M.Tech. Rapid growth of communication has created shortage of spectrum. In this, Cognitive radio network solves spectrum scarcity problem by using TV white spaces for communication. Involvement of cognitive radios increases capacity, data rate, bandwidth, long range communication and minimize interference. This wireless communication network architecture supports the following applications in Cognitive Radio Network,

  • Smart grid
  • Vehicular communication
  • Global internet access
  • Surveillance traffic control
  • Video streaming
  • Military
  • Multimedia
  • Disaster alarms
  • Educational services
  • Healthcare and medical services
  • Cloud based storages

   Sensing the spectrum with coordination defines Cooperative Spectrum Sensing, implementation this network with novelty can reflect its use in real environment. Cognitive Radio Network–Cooperative Spectrum Sensing Projects are begun with the detailed explanations of the concept followed by implementation process. Then we provide screenshots and project demo in a video file for student’s convenience. Enhancements in concepts are also assisted and we assure you money back guarantee. Project is the initial step to mold your career as per your area of interest.

     A set of topics are summarized for you to get a brief idea on Cognitive Spectrum Sensing Projects,

  • A designing process of Robust Voice Liveness Detection with Speaker Verification via Throat Microphones system
  • An effective function of Linear Subspace Cryptanalysis designed for Harn’s Secret Sharing-Based on Group Authentication Scheme [Cooperative-Spectrum Sensing Projects]
  • The new method for Coordinated Multiple-Relays Based on Physical-Layer Security Improvement in Single-Leader Multiple-Followers Stackelberg Game Scheme
  • A fresh source mechanism for Proportional Time Allocation Algorithm also into Transmit Binary Sensor Decisions intended for Target Tracking into a WSN
  • An effective process of Enhancing Detection in SSVEPs for a High-Speed Brain Speller also by Task-Related Component Analysis
  • The novel technology based on Analyzing Locally Coordinated in Cyber-Physical Attacks also for Undetectable Line Outages
  • An inventive process of Practical Pricing Approach into Smart Grid Demand Response also Based on Load Classification system
  • An ingenious Framework process of Residential Demand Aggregation also by Financial Incentives scheme
  • The competent process of Relative Humidity intended also for Load Forecasting Models
  • On the Use of a New Organic Complexing and Buffer Agent for Zn(S,O) Deposition meant also for High-Efficiency Cu(In,Ga)Se2-Based on Solar Cells
  • A new mechanism for Single-Phase Modeling Approach also into Dynamic Harmonic Domain system
  • The fresh performance for Analysis of Silicon Solar Cells with Poly-Si/SiOx Carrier-Selective Base also by Emitter Contacts method
  • A contemporary structure for Attack-Resilient Industrial Control Systems also based on Attack Detection and Controller Reconfiguration system
  • An inventive performance for Robust Stability Analysis of DC Microgrids also by Constant Power Loads system
  • A design function of Magnetic Properties, Structural, and Electronic of Heusler Alloy Mn2Vin also based on Combined DFT and investigational revise scheme [Cognitive–Cooperative-Spectrum-Sensing Projects]