Computer Networking Projects for Engineering Students

Computer Networking Projects for Engineering Students
NOC based Banyan OpenFlow switch for Software Defined Networks
Traffic analysis using Hadoop Cloud
Integrating Software Defined Networks within a Cloud Federation
Using Timing Advance to support proximity discovery in network-assisted D2D communication
Distributed control plane for high performance switchbased VXLAN overlays
Schemes for Fast Transmission of Flows in Data Center Networks
A Hybrid Parallel Implementation of Model Selection for Support Vector Machines
Efficient File Search in Delay Tolerant Networks with Social Content and Contact Awareness
Enhancing Video Encoding for Cloud Gaming Using Rendering Information
Resource Optimization Based Interference Management for Hybrid Self-Organized Small Cell Network
Software defined collaborative secure ad hoc wireless networks
WINET: Indoor white space network design
Modeling time-sensitive information diffusion in online social networks
The GPM meta-transcompiler: Harmonizing JavaScript-oriented Web development with the upcoming ECMAScript 6 “Harmony” specification
On Network Application representation and controller independence in SDN
Maximum performance with minimum cost in data mining applications through the novel online data warehouse architecture by using storage area network with fibre channel fabric
Play Request Dispatching for Efficient Virtual Machine Usage in Cloud Gaming
Enabling device-to-device communications in millimeter-wave 5G cellular networks
A Survey on Cloud Environment Security Risk and Remedy
Investigation of mixture splitting concept for training linear bottlenecks of deep neural network acoustic models
Enhancing concurrency and recovery in Ingres database
An Analytical Study of Power Delivery Systems for Many-Core Processors Using On-Chip and Off-Chip Voltage Regulators
4V microfluidic platform for biological manipulation with glycine, glutamate, GABA and acetylcholine
Acquisition of channel state information in heterogeneous cloud radio access networks: challenges and research directions
PM2:5 monitoring using images from smartphones in participatory sensing
2015 IEEE computer networking projects for engineering students