ECC Projects

    ECC Projects is the key in which the providence of safety is analyze in detail based on the significant performance metrics. Elliptic Curve Cryptography is shortly call as ECC which is a public key encryption technique. The name itself suggests that this cryptography technique makes use of the curve equations. Every Conventional Cryptography method follows all the three process,

Key Generation:

   Unique public key and private key is generate for transferring the original data into cipher text format. Keys are generate either using large prime numbers or random numbers.


    This process is performed by the sender using the key generated; further the encrypted data is securely transmitted.


   Data receive by the receiver involves with decryption process to retrieve the original content arrived. Decryption process also requires key, without which the data is impossible to be decrypt.

  The above mentioned three significant processes are execute in ECC for developing a secure communication environment. Students those are interested on Cyber security will mostly choose project in this area. Aim high, we carry your aim to reach your target.

   It’s your time to prefer a best suitable concept, for your ideas we have listed with a set of latest concepts involved in ECC,

  • The novel technology for Compact CA-Based on Single Byte Error Correcting Codec system
  • A competent method for Concatenated Coding Schemes on behalf of High Areal Density Bit-Patterned Media Magnetic Recording [ECC Projects]
  • An effectual function for Runtime Techniques into Mitigate Soft Errors within Network-on-Chip (NoC) Manners
  • A new-fangled mechanism for Memory-Efficient Implementation of Elliptic Curve Cryptography also intended for Internet-of-Things (IoT)
  • An effective method for Quantum resistant NTRU-based on key distribution system designed for SIP
  • An innovative mechanism for Design and verification of secure IoT hub based on virtual SoC platform
  • A designing method for Compact Frequency-Reconfigurable MIMO Antenna also used for Microwave Sensing Applications into WLAN and WiMAX Frequency Bands
  • The novel technique for robust anonymity preserving authentication protocol also designed for IoT devices
  • The fresh function for Asynchronous and Exact Forward Recovery also used for Detected Errors into Iterative Solvers
  • A novel technology for FPGA-Based on Data Storage System in NAND Flash Memory also within RAID 6 Architecture intended for In-Line Pipeline Inspection Gauges system
  • The new process of Coexistence for Wireless Technologies into 5 GHz Bands and also a Roadmap aimed at imminent Study practice
  • An innovative performance also for PUF scheme used by competing oxide rupture with bit error rate approaching zero practice
  • A Design function of Compact Single-layer Textile MIMO antenna designed also for Wearable Applications system
  • The new practice also for Prior-free Respiratory Motion of Estimation into Rotational Angiography scheme [ECC-Projects]
  • An efficient mechanism for READ:Reliability Enhancement into 3D-Memory Exploiting Asymmetric also SER Distribution system
  • The novel learning also for Characterization of Intermodulation Distortion into Reconfigurable Liquid Metal Antennas scheme