EvalVid in NS2

Implementing Video Transmission Through EvalVid in NS2 Simulation

EvalVid in NS2

EvalVid is a Tool which is used for integrated Quality assessment of Video File transmission. PSNR and SSIM  are used as a comparison metrics which evaluates video file transmission.

Functionalities supported by Evalvid:

  • Determination of jitter and delay.
  • Determination of packet loss and frame loss.
  • Video quality evaluation.

Tools supported by Evalvid:

  • Files and data structure.
  • Video sender.
  • Fix video.
  • Evaluate trace.
  • MOS calculation.
  • PSNR quality assessment.

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Sample code for Evalvid in ns2

# Configure HARQ Parameters Mac/Hsdpa set nr_harq_rtx_ 3 Mac/Hsdpa set nr_harq_processes_ 6 Mac/Hsdpa set ack_process_delay_ 15us # Create HS-DSCH and attach null agent for ue1 $ns create-hsdsch $ue1 $myUdpSink20 # Attach rtp agents for ue2 ue3 and ue4 to existing HS-DSCH $ns attach-hsdsch $ue2 $myUdpSink21
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