EvalVid NS2 Tutorial

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What is EvalVid?

EvalVid is a Toolkit which is used for video file transmission.EvalVid is used as alternative to other simulation framework . In EvalVid Video File Transmission in a network are done via two trace files.EvalVid Tool is a very easy to integrate and can be worked under any environment.

Features of Evalvid:

  • It’s a modular structure.
  • It’s a complete framework and tool-set for video quality evaluation like
    • PSNR and MOS metrics.
    • Packet/frame loss rate.
    • Delays.
    • Packet/frame jitter.
EvalVid Ns2 Tutorial

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EvalVid NS2 Tutorial

This is the sample code of CBR traffic

for {set i 0} {$i < $opt(CBRflow) } {incr i} {
set udpB_($i) [new Agent/UDP] $udpB_($i) set prio_ 2
$ns attach-agent $node_(0) $udpB_($i)
set nullB_($i) [new Agent/Null] $ns attach-agent $node_(1) $nullB_($i)
$ns connect $udpB_($i) $nullB_($i)

set cbr_($i) [new Application/Traffic/CBR] $cbr_($i) attach-agent $udpB_($i)
$cbr_($i) set packet_size_ 200
$cbr_($i) set rate_ 125k
$cbr_($i) set random_ false
$ns at 20.0 "$cbr_($i) start"
$ns at 35.0 "$cbr_($i) stop"

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