Heterogeneous Network Projects

   Heterogeneous Network Projects are design using network simulators and the results are evaluated under different scenarios. Heterogeneous network operates over different sizes of cells; hence it accepts with the participation of more than one network. Ubiquitous connectivity in heterogeneous network requires a well-defined network selection method. Some of the recently studied network selection techniques are,

  • Simple Addition Weighting
  • Multiplicative exponent weighting
  • Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP)
  • Technique for order preference by similarity to ideal solutions (TOPSIS)
  • Enhanced TOPSIS
  • VlseKriterijumska Optimizacija I Kompromisno Resenje (VIKOR) method
  • Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process (FAHP)/ Grey Relational Analysis (GRA) method
  • SINR driven joint network selection policy
  • User-centric network selection
  • Location aware network selection
  • Context aware network selection
  • Adaptive real-time multi-user access network selection
  • Utility function based TOPSIS
  • Game theory
  • Bio-inspired algorithms
  • Consensus based algorithm
  • Genetic algorithm

  These network selections include both single criteria techniques and multi-criteria techniques that are based on network related factors. Heterogeneous network offers multiple enhancements in the field of wireless communication. Our technical team is enriched by developing several concepts in Heterogeneous Network and we satisfy our customers by on-time project delivery. Join us to create your best project in your academy.

  For more ideas, view the list of latest titles of Heterogeneous-Network Projects,

  • An extend development of User-Oriented Graph-Based on Dynamic Frequency reprocess Scheme in Heterogeneous Networks
  • A pioneering function of Cooperative D2D intended for Content Delivery in Heterogeneous Networks [Heterogeneous Network Projects]
  • A competent Proactive Content Push into Heterogeneous Networks by Multiple Energy Harvesting Small Cells system
  • An effective mechanism for Large System Analysis of Resource Allocation into Heterogeneous Networks by Wireless Backhaul
  • An inventive process of Dual power allocation optimization based on stackelberg game also in heterogeneous network via hybrid energy supplies scheme
  • A new process of Power Control for Energy Efficient D2D Communication also in Heterogeneous Networks among Eavesdropper system
  • A ground breaking function of Coprime Interpolation and Compressive Sensing also used for Future Heterogeneous Network to 5G system
  • A modern Method intended also for optimal use of 4G/5G heterogeneous network recourses in M2M/IoT traffic growth conditions system
  • An effective mechanism also for imperviousness Measure of a Military Heterogeneous Network Based on Network Structure Entropy system
  • A framework function of File transfer via multipath transfer into heterogeneous networks also used for disaster recovery system
  • An effective performance for Association and Load Optimization also by User Priorities in Load-Coupled Heterogeneous Networks scheme
  • A Design function of heterogeneous wireless mesh network intended also for LTE system
  • An inventive function of Secure location tracking of femtocells also in heterogeneous cellular networks
  • A new performance for Throughput and also Delay Scaling of Content-Centric Ad Hoc with Heterogeneous Wireless Networks [Heterogeneous-Projects]
  • The fresh process of Downlink Energy Efficiency based on Power Allocation and also Wireless Backhaul Bandwidth Allocation into Heterogeneous Small Cell Networks