How do I Run an Ns2 TCL File

As the matter of fact, our technical professionals have years of experience in this field about creating programs and scripts based on network simulator 2. Through that experience, we have derived this article to answer this question “how do I run an Ns2 TCL file”.

Create Ns2 TCL File

Let’s start this article with the process of creating Ns2 based TCL file in the project location and that is stored with the file extension of .tcl.

Ns2 Based TCL File

Run Ns2 TCL File

Following that, we have to change the location where the tcl file is stored through executing the below mentioned commands.

cd /home/research/Desktop/NS2_TCL

Then, we have to implement the commands that are highlighted in the following to run the Ns2 TCL file.

sudo ./ns TCL_file.tcl

Run Ns2 TCL File

Consequently, we have highlighted the result which is acquired through running the TCL file.

Result of Running Ns2 TCL File

Algorithms Using Ns2 TCL File

In addition, we have highlighted some list of algorithm codes which are used to write the source code file and call from the TCL file to perform the simulation.

  • Elliptic Curve SIGNcryption algorithm (ECSIGN)
  • Chaotic Isogenic based Post Quantum Cryptography (CIPQC) algorithm
  • Pelican Optimization Algorithm (POA)
  • Base Criterion Method (BCM)
  • TCP CERL+ algorithm
  • TCP RENO algorithm

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