How to Run Ns2

This is the article which is proposed to tell indispensable fine points about the process of running network simulator 2.

Notable Ns2 Project Topics

Before getting to know about the running, we have to know the list of research projects based on network simulator 2.

  • Performance of vehicular ad hoc network with the protocols MIPV4 and MIPV6 for the standards WiFi (802.11p) and WiMAX(802.16)
  • Light weight authentication based clustered AODV for secure routing in wireless sensor network
  • Cross layer intrusion detection system for rushing attack in wireless mesh networks
  • An efficient mobile ad hoc network routing by using LP_AOMDV

Create Ns2 Simulation in Ubuntu

First, we have to create the main file based on network simulator 2 to perform the attack detection process.

Ns2 Simulation Main File

Execution of Ns2 Simulation

Following that, we have to implement the below mentioned commands to change the Ns2 workspace location and execute the Ns2 simulation.

cd /home/research/Desktop/ns2_attack_simulation

sudo ./ns Attack_Detection.tcl

As the final note, we have highlighted the notable attack detection results that are acquired in Ns2 simulation execution.

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