How to write a proposal for a project?

The researchers used to do projects for their research work to bring out the working model for the theoretical information for their research.

In order to conduct the project we have to write the proposal for the project that we are going to do for our research work.

The project proposal have to cover all the data on what kind of project we are going to work and in which field we are going to work for the project development.

Proposal writing has to be written on the basis of the methods that we are going to follow to implement our project work.

The project proposal writing should cover all the topics that are mentioned below:

  • Introductory overview.
  • Background overview.
  • Dealing with the problem and Solution.
  • Providing deliverables and goals.
  • Work flow diagram.
  • References needed.

Introductory overview:

In the project’s introductory overview we have to write about the purpose for which we are going to conduct this project.

  • We have to write about the field that we have selected to conduct research and develop a project in that research field.
  • We must ensure writing about the expected outcome of this project work.
  • We also have to mention about the benefits and the advantages that the project end results provide in the field of the project work.
  • It is necessary to write about the process on how we are going to develop our project work.
  • The introductory part of the project proposal should be able to cultivate the curiosity among the readers of our project work.

Background Overview:

  • We have to get the prior knowledge in the field that we are going to conduct and develop our project work. So we have to refer the previously existing project works and write about the background of the existing project in this section.
  • We should collect lot of reference journals that seems to help us in developing the project and we have to write the important referral’s information in our project proposal.
  • The background overview represents the writing of the literature of the existing project work that we are considering to study and collect the data for developing our research project.
  • We have to make the proper collection of data from the previously existing project work for that we have to find from the standard sites for collecting the journals.
  • The standard references of journals are obtained from the sites like IEEE, Springer, Sci, Scie, Sage, MDPI and some reputed sites.
  • We have to deeply study the referrals that we gathered and write the findings in this section of project proposal.
  • We have to mention the referred paper’s title, concept, problem and the solution that has been mentioned in the reference paper.

Dealing with the problem and solution:

In the previously written background overview section we wrote about the studying and collecting data from the previously existing project researches in relevant to the topic of our research project. 

  • In this section we have to write about the problem and solution that was mentioned in the reference paper of the existing project work.
  • Next, we have to write up only the sole problem and solution of the research paper that is alone enough for the development of the project work as the overall problem statement.
  • Along with the problem we have to write about the methods and algorithms that were followed in the previous research projects that we took for our reference.
  • From the algorithms of the existing project we have to choose the algorithm for developing our research project.
  • We can write this section properly only if we analyses the gaps of the existing research works.
  • The untold gaps or the insufficient data of the existing project research has to be considered as the problem statement for our research project.

Providing deliverables and goals:

  • We have to write in this section by revealing what kind of solution that we get from conducting this research work.
  • The accomplishments that we are expecting to get by doing these projects have to be mentioned in this section.
  • The ultimate aim of the project is to find out the suitable solution to overcome the unsaid information of the existing research work.
  • We have to write about the benefits that we are able to get as the result of doing this project. The benefit of the research project is written in relevant to the project’s field.
  • We have to mention about the future usage of this project by the future generations.
  • The goal of the project is written in the project proposal by stating the improvement in the field of the existing project and advancement that is found in the project by comparing to the previously existing project.

Work flow diagram:

  • In the previous sections we wrote the theoretical information about the project reference and the methods to conduct the project but in this section we are going to draw to provide the information.
  • The flow diagram is drawn in order to provide the complete pictorial information about the work flow that we are going to follow in developing our project work.
  • To the people who are straight forward this pictorial flow diagram will help them to understand the information on how we are going to do the research work by seeing the work flow diagram itself.
  • The work flow diagram is also called as the architecture diagram of the proposed method and this architecture diagram is useful for the readers to grab the technology that we are going to use in our project work.

References needed:

  • The referred articles or the referred journals that are taken form the reputed standard sites have to be displayed in this section.
  • We have to mention around twenty reference papers in this section. The mentioned reference should be able to provide enough data regarding the existing project.
  • We must ensure to attach only the recent year’s reference journals so as to use them in developing the project.
  • All the references that we mention here should be helpful for us throughout the project development process.