Hybrid Topology Projects

     Hybrid Topology Projects are develop for students pursuing their final year degree in B.E, B.Tech, M.E and M.Tech. Network is mainly study by Electronics and Communication department students which is present in their academic syllabus. Topology is the key to model a network’s structure based on which the packets are efficiently routed. Conventionally five different topologies are available in networking; the new idea is to use hybrid topology in network. Hybrid topology is a combination of integrating more than one topological structure into one to form a network. Hybrid-Topology can be designed in anyone of the following networks,

  • Software Defined Network
  • Wireless Sensor Network
  • Cognitive Radio Network
  • Wireless Sensor and Actor Network
  • Mobile Ad hoc Network
  • Vehicular Ad hoc Network
  • Underwater Acoustic Sensor Network
  • Wireless Body area Network
  • Delay Tolerant Sensor Network
  • Social Sensor Network
  • Cognitive under Relay Network
  • And more

    Hybrid  are develop by our well train technically strengthen developing team. We assure your project with error free code, execution demo and clear practical explanations. Enhancement support for this Hybrid Topology Projects is also offer. Join us and finish your final year project successfully.

   More recent concepts are shared for Hybrid Projects in the following,

  • A novel technology for Evaluation on top of High-Efficiency Thermoelectric Generation Systems Based on Differential Power Processing system
  • An effective function of Multiport Hybrid HVDC Circuit Breaker system
  • The fresh process of Current Flow Controlling Hybrid DC Circuit Breaker scheme [Hybrid-Topology-Projects]
  • An inventive mechanism for Hybrid Seven-Level Converter Based on T-Type Converter and H-Bridge Cascaded Under SPWM and SVM method
  • The new function of Hybrid Topology through Configurable Charge Current with Charge Voltage Output Based on WPT Charger for Massive Electric Bicycles
  • An innovative mechanism for Hybrid Topologies intended for Reconfigurable Matrices Based on Nano-Grain Cells
  • An inventive method for seven switch all in one power electronic topology used for converted plug-in to hybrid electric vehicle system
  • A new function of Power losses for Si/SiC semiconductors into medium voltage energy router sub-modules also by hybrid topology
  • The novel function of Single phase inverter by hybrid topology and also efficient switching principles system
  • An efficient process of Inductive Power Transfer also for Massive Electric Bicycles Charging Based on Hybrid Topology Switching with a Single Inverter
  • A fresh technique also for Hybrid Control Technique-Based on Three-Phase Cascaded Multilevel Inverter Topology system
  • An innovative performance for EM-driven compact cell topology selection intended also for explicit size reduction of hybrid rat-race couplers
  • An effective performance for Need-Based on Distributed Coordination Strategy also in favor of EV Storages into a Commercial Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid by an Improved Interlinking Converter Control Topology
  • An efficient mechanism for Losses minimization control also in favor of an integrated multi-drives topology devoted into hybrid electric vehicles [Hybrid-Topology-Projects]
  • A novel study of hybrid modulation algorithm design also for indirect matrix converter topology system