Install EvalVid NS2

Step to Step Procedure to Install EvalVid NS2 screenshots

Steps to Install EvalVid in NS2

Install EvalVid step1: First of all install ns2  into your system. So check your system ns command in terminal.


Install EvalVid step  2: next goto download  evalvid-ns2 file help the link is:


Install Evalvid NS2 step 3: download finish Extract the file in “/home/ns2/ns-allinone-2.35/ns-2.35”


 Install EvalVid NS2 step 4: copy the,agent.h,packet.h  paste/replace  into  home/ns2/Desktop/ns-allinone-2.35/ns-2.35



Install EvalVid NS2 step 5: next create the myudp folder in “/ns2.35 ” after paste the evalid udp files





Install EvalVid NS2 step 6: Goto tcl library to  add this code  “tcl/lib/ns-default.tcl”  into

“Agent/ myudp set packetsize_1000

Tracefile set debug_0”



Install EvalVid NS2 step 7:  Build and validate to run evalvid



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