LiFi Projects

     LiFi Projects are actively perform for the students of electrical and electronics, electronics and communication, other branches of interested students. Growing demands for internet connectivity has discover the idea of LiFi. The entire setup of this emerging LiFi technology includes a Photo-Detector, LiFi enabled Light Emitting Diode (Access point), switch, router, intranet server and internet. LiFi-Projects are designed to work for any one of the following applications,

  • Military
  • Global Positioning System
  • Parenting
  • Vehicle Communication (especially cars)
  • Traffic signal lights
  • Internet of Things
  • Hazardous environment
  • Security
  • Underwater communication
  • Street lights
  • Hospitals
  • Smart cities
  • High speed railways
  • Smart home
  • Smart buildings
  • Educational systems
  • Aircrafts
  • Power plants

    LiFi is compared to a wireless technology called WiFi in terms of transmission speed, spectrum range, operating frequency and cost. Modulation and demodulation is perform based on the intensity of light and such process is invisible to human eyesight. The future internet issues can be resolve using this LiFi technology. A knowledgeable developing team is appoint to build LiFi Projects and their technical knowledge supports to solve queries raised during your project reviews. Join us to throw of your project fear.

   Have a look over the following topics that are recently discussed in Li-Fi Projects,

  • An effectual performance intended for Gb/s Visible Light Communications by Colloidal Quantum Dot Color Converters system [LiFi-Projects]
  • An inventive process of Hybrid polymer optical fibre with visible light communication link designed for in-home network
  • An innovation function of High sensitivity universal lifi receiver meant for enhance data communication
  • Design and developing process of Semi-transparent solar cells indifferent to ambient lighting also for LiFi application
  • An imaginative method of Integrated LiFi(Light Fidelity) used also for smart communication through illumination system
  • A novel technique for LiFi based on opportunities, Conceptions and also misconceptions method
  • The fresh mechanism for 100m/40Gbps 680-nm VCSEL-based on LiFi transmission system
  • A creative technique for Prototyping along with measurements also based on a LiFi method
  • The new-fangled process of Coexistence for WiFi and also LiFi toward 5G based concepts, opportunities, and challenges system
  • A design source of Digital data transmission using Visible Light Communication also for Application to vehicle to vehicle communication scheme
  • The contemporary process of Two-stage access point selection meant also for hybrid VLC and RF networks
  • On the use of Li-Fi module also based on Automatic billing system
  • A fresh function Enabling 5G wireless access via Li-Fi technology also for An OFDM based approach
  • A new process of Fuzzy logic based dynamic handover scheme intended also for indoor Li-Fi and RF hybrid network system [LiFi-Projects]
  • A new technology of High speed performance also for III-nitride laser diode grown on (2021) semipolar plane in favor of visible light communication