Long Term Evolution Downlink Packet Scheduling Projects

    Long Term Evolution Downlink Packet Scheduling Projects are built for students pursuing their final year in Electronics and Communication department. The Long-Term Evolution Technology focus on Downlink Packet Scheduling that has been discuss in many research papers. In this Evolution’s merit is that it can support 1000+ users, by antenna technology, downlink scheduling, resource allocation and others. We support Long Term Evolution concept to be implement in using different tools. Hereby we have pointed out our working sequence for any incoming student.

Domain Explanation

  • Initially we begin with the detailed explanation about the project domain; by this you gain knowledge over the particular domain. Recent trends in the particular domain will be elaborately explained.

Project Selection

  • As per your area of interest you can choose your project from any journal. Base paper can also suggested by you; else we provide many paper concepts from recently published IEEE papers.

Project Plan

  • Based on selected base paper, we provide plan and system requirements that are involved in our implementation.

Other Requirements

  • Finally we delivery you the complete backup consisting of project code, screenshots and project execution video.

Create your project based on the recent concepts of Long Term Evolution Downlink Packet Scheduling Projects,

  • The creative function of an approach designed for intelligent spectrum allocating based on multi-RATs networks
  • An imaginative function for Traffic patten based on resource allocation algorithm aimed at hybrid transmission into LTE networks [Long-Term-Evolution-Downlink Projects]
  • An efficient process of Investigation for impact of heterogeneous traffic also based on performance of LTE-based mission critical communication networks scheme
  • The new function of QoS-Aware Frequency-Based on 4G+Relative Authentication Model meant also for Next Generation LTE and Its Dependent Public Safety Networks
  • An innovative performance for IMS subscriber location function aimed at OpenBaton in standards also based on MANO environment system
  • A creative function of spectrum sensing scheme by dynamic sensing period adjustment also for femtocells into LTE systems
  • A new source for Efficient Use of Paired Spectrum Bands also through TDD Small Cell into Deployments
  • The fresh function of novel mobility aware downlink scheduling algorithm also for LTE-A networks
  • An inventive function for Assembling VoLTE CDRs based on network monitoring also by challenges with fragmented information
  • An effective practice for seasSurvey based on Legacy and also Emerging Technologies designed for Public Safety Communications scheme
  • An innovative method for Regressive QoE Model intended also for VoLTE system
  • A creative method for On-Line Radio Access Technology Selection Algorithm also into an LTE-WiFi Network system
  • An imaginative method for Performance evaluation of EVS Coder against the change also in the spoken language
  • The methodology for Practical PA of Circuit-Switched Fallback and also Voice over LTE system
  • An inventive performance function of distributed man-machine Dispatching architecture also for emergency operations based on 3GPP Mission Critical services [Packet Scheduling Projects]