Long Term Evolution Projects

     Long Term Evolution Projects are perform for both final year students and scholars undergoing study in this area. At present, long distance communication all the world preferably uses Long Term Evolution. Due to its real time usages, this has create a major impact over academic students to study and introduce novel technologies in Long-Term Evolution Projects. Some of the existing technologies used in LTE are listed below,

  • Multi – hop data transmission
  • Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO)
  • Multi – User Multiple Input Multiple Output (MU – MIMO)
  • Frequency Division Duplex (FDD)
  • Time Division duplex (TDD)
  • Spatial Multiplexing
  • Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex (OFDM)
  • System Architecture Evolution
  • Hard Handover
  • Dynamic bandwidth allocation

   On incorporating the key technologies in Long Term Evolution, it brings out better achievements in terms of performance results. Those technologies can be further enhance to attain a new realization in Long Term Evolution. Long Term Evolution Projects are support by us; we offer all recent standard research paper concepts along with an enhancement. We are here to travel with you until your project is completed. Need project solution, keep moving towards us.

   Several recent Long-Term-Evolution Projects titles are listed in the following,

  • A new source of Radio resource allocation and power control scheme to mitigate interference in device-to-device communications underlaying by LTE-A uplink cellular networks [LTE Projects]
  • Using Exploiting LTE-Advanced HetNets and FeICIC meant for UAV-assisted in Public Safety Communications system
  • An effective process of Achieving optimum throughput intended for LTE and WiFi coexistence
  • On the use of open-source SDR tools based on LTE PHY layer vulnerability analysis and testing system
  • A function of Random access protocol design and optimization intended for standalone LTE-U system
  • An effectual Performance Evaluation of LTE OFDM System also by an Adaptive Modulation Scheme in Indoor and Outdoor Environment
  • An efficient performance for Radio resource management also in LTE femtocell networks system
  • The new-fangled development of enhancing presentation of M2M random access also in 3GPP LTE networks system
  • A capable Performance comparison of state synchronization techniques also in a distributed LTE EPC system
  • A framework function Toward also an LTE Hybrid Unicast Broadcast Content Delivery system
  • An effective mechanism for RaptorQ code also based on concurrent transmissions in dual connectivity in LTE network
  • The new process of Gaussian based on radio map construction designed also for LTE localization system
  • A new source of Sliding windows technique designed also for LTE network coverage detection scheme
  • An efficient mechanism Throughput and also power management of access link DF type I relay nodes designed for LTE-A networks [Long-Term-Evolution]
  • A modern Mobility-aware VNF placement also in the LTE EPC system