M.Tech Wireless Communication Projects

M.Tech Wireless Communication Projects
Opportunistic Beamforming with Wireless Powered 1-bit Feedback Through Rectenna Array
Wiretap channel with finite-rate feedback
Link-Quality-Aware Resource Allocation With Load Balance in Wireless Body Area Networks
Multiband Antenna for WiFi and WiGig Communications
Precoding-Based Network Alignment for Three Unicast Sessions
A Novel Ku-Band RTD-Based Quadrature VCO for Low Power Applications
Coil structure optimization method for improving coupling coefficient of wireless power transfer
Antenna in LTCC Technologies: A Review and the Current State of the Art
A Novel Design Method for Compact UWB Bandpass Filterss
An equal-split Wilkinson power divider with tri-band and harmonic suppression
A Fully Integrated Multimode Wireless Power Charger IC With Adaptive Supply Control and Built-In Resistance Compensation
Review of protocol stack development of Underwater Acoustic Sensor Network (UASN)
Utility-maximizing WiFi offloading from a perspective of mobile network operators
Six Degrees of Freedom Mobile Inductive Power Transfer by Crossed Dipole Tx and Rx Coils
Wireless temperature sensing in electrical motors with XBee modules
Keyhole Estimation of an MIMO-OFDM Train-to-Wayside Communication System on Subway Tunnels
Nonlinear modulation characteristics of white LEDs in visible light communications
Influence of the constellations selection on the bit/power loading in DMT modulation
Energy-Efficient Information and Communication Infrastructures in the Smart Grid: A Survey on Interactions and Open Issues
Analysis and comparison of EE-type and CC-type cores for wireless power transfer systems
Intelligent Cooperative Spectrum Sensing via Hierarchical Dirichlet Process in Cognitive Radio Networks
Optimal Adaptive Random Multiaccess in Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Networks
A High-Sensitivity Fully Passive Neurosensing System for Wireless Brain Signal Monitoring
eInfrastructure: Next generation wireless broadband networks for Uganda 2020
Dynamic wireless EV charging fed from railway grid: Magnetic topology comparison
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