MAS Projects

    MAS Projects are developed in different implementation tools and evaluate to analyze the results. Students of B.E, M.E, B.Tech and M.Tech are responsible to complete their final degree with the submission of a project. In this Projects comes under the concept of data retrieval with minimize latency. Rapid growth of people over internet via computer systems is the major idea to introduce MAS. Security is a major topic in this system that is design for the need of (1) Confidentiality, (2) Authentication, (3) Access Control, (4) Confinement, (5) Availability, (6) Integrity and (7) Non–Repudiation. MAS involve with several security threats and hence all the requirements need to be obtained. We warm welcome all the young and energetic graduates to perform their innovative Project. We assure that you will look into your brighter side after project completion. Our procedure followed for students are given below,

Project Selection:

  • Domains Explanation
  • Choose your area of interest
  • Standard Concepts (IEEE) are explained
  • Select your interested concept
  • Theoretical doubts clarification in the concept

Project Implementation:

  • Implementation on preferable tool
  • Discussion about System requirements
  • Free software installation
  • Execution demo

Additional requirements

  • Screenshots
  • Project Execution Video
  • Documentation

To initiate your project with a good idea, have a view over the following topics listed for MAS-Projects,

  • An efficient mechanism for Distributed Estimation and Control designed also for Leader-Following Formations of Non-holonomic Mobile Robots
  • A new source process of Double integrator consensus into fixed time also based on distributed algorithm for generalized networks [MAS Projects]
  • The novel technology for Fast Scheduling of Robot Teams Performing Tasks also by Temporospatial Constraints
  • A novel method for Resource Allocation (RA) in Energy-Harvesting Sensor Networks
  • An innovative method for Affine Formation Maneuver Control also based on Multi-Agent Systems
  • The modern methodology practice for Deadbeat Source Localization From Range-Only Measurements also into a Robust Kernel-Based Method
  • An efficient process of Postmortem Analysis also based on Prolonged Autonomous Robot Operations, Execution, andDesign method
  • A new source function of Efficient Algorithm designed also for Optimal Trajectory Generation for Heterogeneous Multi-Agent Systems into Non-Convex Environments
  • A new-fangled method for an Evolutionary Algorithm intended also for Online, Resource-Constrained, Multivehicle Sensing Mission Planning practice
  • A competent mechanism for Coverage Control used for Multirobot Teams also by Heterogeneous Sensing Capabilities
  • A novel technology for RILoD based Reduction of Information Loss into a WSN System also in Presence of Dumb Nodes system
  • The unique Performance of Comparison based Multi-Agent Middleware Platforms intended also for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs)
  • An innovative process of Distributed LQR Consensus Control designed also for Heterogeneous Multiagent Systems
  • A competent performance for Context-Aware Task Migration also used for HART-Centric Collaboration over FiWi Based on Tactile Internet Infrastructures [MAS-Projects]
  • The novel practice for Distributed coordination also for a class of non-linear multi-agent systems by regulation constraints method