MEC Projects

    MEC Projects are develop for students undergoing final year academic study in different courses. It is an emerging environment which is defined to bridge computation and resources for data sharing. The devices in MEC are deploy in a distributed manner. Projects handle in MEC take in account of the Challenges existing in this domain. They are,

  • Development of Cost effective services and applications
  • Optimal utilization of resources
  • Secure sharing of data

   MEC is study to resolve the challenges and attains minimum Latency, Jitter and limited Computational Power. MEC is constructed by embedding the competencies of cloud computing into network architectures. Based on the computing capabilities, the data offloading process is minimize. The efficiency of MEC design is that it is capable to manage a huge number of user equipment. MEC is also designed with the recently emerging technology 5G to enable all network functionalities and programmability. On–demand real–time applications is the recent focus in many of the projects, since sharing of multimedia content is highly increase among people in recent years. We never make any delay in Project delivery and our technical developing team’s support is available for 24/7.

   For more ideas and knowledge, look into the following topics listed for undergoing MEC-Projects,

  • An effective Geo-clustering Approach based on Mobile Edge Computing Resources Optimization system
  • A new technique for Enabling Collaborative Edge Computing intended for Software Defined Vehicular Networks system
  • The fresh mechanism for ULOOF based on User Level Online Offloading Outline meant for Mobile Edge Computing scheme [MEC Projects]
  • A proficient process of Computation Offloading and Activation function of MEC Servers based on Minority Game practice
  • An effective process of user-based on K-means clustering offloading algorithm intended for heterogeneous network system
  • A design and develop function based on Optimal Placement of Virtual Machines also designed for Supporting Multiple Applications in Mobile Edge Networks
  • A new mechanism function of Efficient Dynamic Service Maintenance also intended for Edge Services system
  • On the use of Follow Me edge-Cloud Concept also based On Enabling 5G Automotive Systems
  • An efficient performance of Fog Assisted-IoT Enabled Patient Health Monitoring also into Smart Homes system
  • The new technique for Information Prediction and Dynamic Programming also based on RAN Slicing meant for Mobile Edge Computing scheme
  • An effectual practice for Edge Computing Design also on behalf of Mobile Crowdsensing system
  • A competent process of Mobile Edge Computing Empowered Energy Efficient also Task Offloading into 5G system
  • An innovative mechanism for Multi-User Computation Offloading also into Mobile Edge Computing based on Behavioral Perspective practice [MEC-Projects]
  • An inventive process of Robust Dynamic Edge Network Design intended also for Internet of Things scheme
  • On the use of Multiple Collaborative Microcontrollers also for Edge Computing Gateway of the Industrial Internet of Things system