MIMO Projects

     MIMO Projects is successfully developed by our expertise team who has been worked in this field for longer time period. MIMO is comprised of multiple antennas which disseminate bit streams that are received by devices. It is applicable on IEEE standards of Wireless Fidelity (Wi–Fi), Long Term Evolution (LTE), Universal Mobile Telecommunication systems (UMTS), Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX) systems. MIMO is involved for the purpose of increasing data capacity between links during transmission. MI-MO technology is applied based on the algorithms,

  • Mobility–Aware Reconstruction algorithm
  • Firefly algorithm
  • Iterative Search algorithm
  • Digital Beamforming algorithm
  • Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm
  • Adaptive Hierarchical Clustering algorithm
  • Quantum–inspired evolutionary algorithm
  • Hybrid dijkstra algorithm
  • Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm
  • Genetic algorithm
  • Max–sum algorithm
  • Taguchi algorithm
  • Fuzzy logic system
  • Gibbs Sampling algorithm
  • Greedy algorithm
  • Artificial Bee Colony algorithm
  • Codebook based beamforming
  • Polynomial matrix algorithm
  • Artificial Fish Swarm algorithm
  • Pilot scheduling algorithm

     Our developing team is capable to implement MIMO Projects using different network simulators and we deliver your project before deadline. A complete technical knowledge about the project is provided by 24*7 customer support.

   Our technical team have undergone a survey on MIMO systems and summarized some recent topics for MIMO-Projects,

  • An inventive process of Optimal Energy-Efficient propose for Confidential Multiple-Antenna Systems
  • An innovation progression of Efficient Approximation for Spatial Correlation Based on Gauss–Hermite Quadrature scheme [MI-MO Projects]
  • The novel function of Control Strategy for Dispatchable Distributed Energy Resources also  into Islanded Microgrids
  • An effective process for Density of Spherically Embedded on Stiefel and Grassmann Codes system
  • A new technique based on Measurement Matrix plan designed for Phase Retrieval anchored also  in Mutual Information scheme
  • The new practice of Hybrid Current-/Voltage-Mode Control Scheme in favor of Distributed AC-Stacked PV Inverter by Low-Bandwidth Communication Requirements system
  • An innovative practice for Multivariable Virtual Reference Feedback Tuning meant for Non-Minimum Phase Plants system
  • A novel study of Feedback Linearization-Based on Current Control Strategy intended also  for Modular Multilevel Converters scheme
  • An effective mechanism for Robust Control of PMSM via Geometric Model Reduction as well as also  μ-Synthesis system
  • The new function of Harmonic Stability and Resonance Analysis also  into Large PMSG-Based on Wind Power Plants scheme
  • An inventive performance for reconfigurable MIMO antenna scheme also  designed for wireless communications system
  • A novel technique of Performance evaluation for MIMO-OFDM/OQAM also  in time-varying underwater acoustic channels [MIMO-Projects]
  • An inventive function of Transmit Waveform/Receive Filter intend also  for MIMO Radar by Multiple Waveform Constraints system
  • An innovation process of Performance analysis also  designed for MIMO LTE on high altitude platform station
  • The new technology of MIMO multipath channels also  spatial correlation into shallow water communications system