Network Animator Nam

             The network animator is one of the TCL animation tools that are deployed to view the network simulation traces and real time traces in packet data. Initially, the users have to generate a trace file along with topological information such as packet traces, links and nodes for the utilization of NAM.

            After completing the trace file generation process, the Nam will real and create topology along with that is deployed to pop up the window and process with the required layout and pause the time of first packet based on the trace file. It is denoted as the provision of control through various aspects over the animation and user interface for the creation of blocks such as,

  • Monitor
  • Agent
  • Used to separate protocol states from the node
  • Packet
  • Visualized as a block with an arrow
  • Queue
  • Associated with one edge of duplex link and is visualized as stacked packet
  • Link
  • Nam links are consist of two simplex links
  • Node
  • created from ‘n’ trace event in trace file

           We add the above as a research significance to show and to uplift your research skill level in Nam. So, contact us for your requirements in the implementation of research projects in all the research field. Now, let’s have a look at the significance of steps that are deployed in the creation of Nam output.

Steps Used for Creating Output File in Nam

 (1) Create the trace file

set fileobj [open out.nam w]

(2) Tell NS to write NAM network events to this trace file

$ns namtrace-all $ fileobj

(3) Close output file at the end of the simulation run

proc finish {} {
global ns fileobj
$ns flush-trace ;# flush trace files
close $ fileobj;# close trace file
exec nam out.nam & ;# OPTIONAL: run NAM from inside the NS simulation
exit 0

            To this end, we believe that you get the top to bottom way out about the network animator. The above information will make you as a better research scholar to precede your research in nam. We are ready to provide help and clear up all your difficulties at any stage. So, you can enrich your skills through our keen help.