Ns2 Project Ideas

           Network simulator version 2 is abbreviated as Ns2 and it is the distinct event driven simulator which is written using OTcl as python and C++ as core. It is enhanced to simulate the other kinds of wired and wireless WAN and LAN through the implementation of network protocols including UDP and TCP.

Wireless Simulation Using Ns2

          The Ns2 based wireless program is considered as the finest method to acquire some knowledge based on how to code in Ns2. It is mainly deployed through majority of scholars with some features including the real time emulation support, C++ programming fundamentals, OOPs concepts and etc.

Steps Involved in Creating Scenario File

  • Declare simulator and setting output file
  • Setting node and link
  • Setting agent
  • Setting application
  • Setting simulation time and schedules
  • Declare finish

Using Nmake to Compile Ns2

           The command line C++ compiler which provides the visual C++ is called as Nmake and the makefile is considered as the argument that received by Nmake. MS-DOS Prompt is deployed to run Nmake, ad into the directory and that includes the source code and type the following for that process.

\nmake /f makefile.vc

        In addition, the command is deployed in all the components of Ns2 while creating the few batch files.

cd D:\NetSim\ns-2.1b6-current
c:\progra~1\micros~3\vc98\bin\nmake /f makefile.vc

          While compiling all the components of Ns is similar to the above mentioned process. The compiling process of TCL is functioning in two significant steps. Initially, we use nmake /f makefile.vc. Secondly, we use the nmake /f makefile.vc install. The install option is utilized to create directories for binary and that includes the library files.  The file mkd.bat in TCl8.3.2\win and TK8.3.2\win needs to be modified. Every case in point of “md” has to be rehabilitated to “mkdir” because the DOS command to make a directory is “mkdir” and not “md”.

            Hereby, our research experts in network simulator have well found with some list of noticeable research notions to develop Ns2 project ideas. Thus, we have stated down the research ideas based on this Ns2 research field for your reference.

Project Topics in Ns2

  • Key technologies of distribution communication network virtualization based on overlay network
  • Sparse resource allocation for control of spreading processes via convex optimization
  • Distributed incentives and digital twin for resource allocation in air assisted internet of vehicles
  • Overhead aware design of reconfigurable intelligent surfaces in smart radio environments
  • Hierarchical routing and resource assignment in spatial channel networks (SCNs): oriented toward the massive SDM era

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