NS2 Projects for PhD Scholars

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NS2 Projects for PhD Scholars

NS2 is a discrete event open source simulator to analyze network performance. We support researchers to simply configure and demonstrate result network using script language in NS2.We offer PhD Thesis in NS2 simulation to ensure research in network domain. We support researchers those who are interested to do projects on network communication evaluation based on simulation. We handle various network methods for PhD Thesis.

PhD is abbreviated as Doctor of philosophy. We handle and guide you do PhD project in network simulator 2. We implement network simulator for research applications. We analyze various problems in networking area and implement an algorithm after the analysis of algorithm, protocols used in previous research papers. Then we provide efficient mechanism (or) algorithm to overcome network issues. We cannot develop a PhD Projects in one day it requires a few months to implement and develop as a result we provide an efficient output. In PhD research we can solve some communication network issues by multipath routing are packet loss, network traffic and message overhead and we try to provide a better solutions.

PhD Researchers implement network simulator for the investigation of new network concepts. Various routing protocols and networks are implemented and compared with existing papers then it is deployed in NS2 to ensure a PhD Project. These procedures are performed by our team to do PhD project in Network Simulator 2.


Research Proposal:

Ns2 solution ensures knowledgeable team members. Our ns2 solution has certain specialist developers to provide Research proposal for research scholars. We developed more than 40+ research proposal in ns2 simulation. Research proposal is the major first step for academic research in PhD. Proposal is like document. Moreover, research proposal is the important document for researcher to start and execute their research domain. But most clients have no idea about how to write proposal, so we offer a research proposal service for PhD candidates in an effective way. We provide the research proposal with the following basic components such as brief description about research topic, introduction about the selected area, background study which describes the reason for choosing this domain, problem statement what you analyzed, literature review contains a relevant area studies, research gap describe gap for research potential, research methodology to process your research, research question provide possible question related to research, research objectives as perform action to solve and answer research question and conclusion with explanation about research and references about the base paper research.

Thesis Editing:

We encourage in editing thesis or dissertation based on the requirements and specification of client. We provide an editing service contains performing correction in spell, punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, read proof, punctuation. We edit a thesis by an experienced team member in an efficient way. Because, researchers provide great importance to thesis, when the thesis is provided with or error or some mistakes it gets rejected. Every work against the thesis got waste and we have to start with a new concept. So we provide more importance in thesis editing. We have successfully edited 70+ theses to our clients in short time, plagiarism free and in a less cost.

Student Projects:

We develop IEEE and real time academic projects for CSE, IT and ECE students under Network domain. We assist students to develop efficient projects under ns2 simulation.  We also encourage students to provide their own ideas to implement ns2 projects. We have implemented more than 100+ projects in ns2 simulation. Under ns2 simulation projects, we can analyze various protocols and performance. We provide the best student project titles under ns2 simulation. We update our project titles regularly under various journals such as IEEE, Elsevier, Springer, ACM and real time projects. We also give some sample project code in nS2 which is very useful to understand about their process and simulation. We run and support ns2 under various operating systems such as

  • Linux
  • Free BSD.
  • Solaris
  • Mac OS X.
  • Windows 95

Be free and visit our center to learn more about ns2 features, process and sample project demo. We provide you a demo class about ns2 simulation.

Research Based Routing Model:

To ensure a communication among nodes with limited resources we use wireless sensor network. In this network, their lifetime is based in efficiency of routing protocols. Biological Inspired secure autonomous routing protocol is improved by real time load distribution with self optimized routing mechanism. We implement this protocol on final year projects which works based on optimal forwarding decision with Ant colony optimization. To compare and analyze packet overhead, delivery ratio and energy consumption are measured by ACO algorithm.


Mobile Ad hoc Network based research implements various algorithms to validate network simulators like NS2. It provide simulation model for realistic and support real world environments. We support and proposed more than 80 theses in various network under various algorithm performance. Flexible radio enabled Dialog is an algorithm works based on sensor network platform which enhance lightweight housing. It allow long term evaluation model of user acceptance and network protocols.

IP Mobility and Network Simulation:

IP mobility is current research area in network domain. We create interconnected physical objects by Internet of Things (IOT) and declare with efficient mobile management schemes to handle mobility. In network, standardized protocols works based on host (or) network. Host based protocol is the extension of MIPV6. Network based protocol is an extension of NEMO,

PMIPV6. These protocols take over mobile nodes with minimum handover delay which implemented based on ACM papers. By Network simulation performance parameter are measured with network mobility model.

DCCP Congestion Model:

In network traffic and data flow management we use common term called congestion control. Various congestion control protocol are developed and implemented by us. A new protocol called datagram congestion control protocol which provides bidirectional unicast connection for congestion control unreliable datagram is simulated by NS2. It mainly implemented in projects to ensure data transfer and control over tradeoff among timeliness and reliability.



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Ns2 Projects

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  • LTE – Long Term Evolution 78%
  • IoT – Internet of Things 90%
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  • Network Security 89%
  • Ns2 Attacks 96%
  • Cognitive Radio Network 85%
  • Parallel and Distributed Computing 73%
  • SDN – Software Defined Networking 95%
  • P2P , Video Streaming , Peersim 96%
  • IPV4 , IPV6 88%
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