NS2 Projects in Wireless

Implementing NS2 Projects in wireless communication

Simulating NS2 Projects in Wireless communication?

Among several communication network, wireless is the rising network technology. We offer NS2 final year projects in wireless communication based on wireless network, mobile ad, hoc network, body area network, cellular communication and mobile communication. More wireless projects are implemented by us using an NS 2 simulation to enhance network performance and routing protocols as wireless, audio and video streaming application in wireless sensor network.  We supported and provided more than 90+ NS2 Projects in wireless to give an efficient solution for wireless communication issues and to enhance security algorithm for data transmission. Various NS 2 projects are done under various discipline students for final year projects and research projects.

Wireless Technology:  Based on Springer papers, we developed wireless technologies with many types to enhance a computer network concepts and applications.

Wireless Application Protocol in Wireless Communication:

It ensures a flexible service among users and wireless devices. We implemented this protocol in wireless communication for B.E projects because of it mainly designed for wireless and internet company’s communications, such as Nokia,

Erickson, Motorola, and Phone.com. Various components are in the member of WAPFORUM.ORG.

Aim of WAP Protocol:

  • To deploy this protocol, the projects have to achieve are:
  • Require independency form network standards
  • Ensure internet service to mobile service
  • Increase scalability
  • GSM, TDMA, UMTS, WS-CDMA services are provided to mobile application users.

Types of Wireless Technology:


It also referred as wireless LAN. It requires high frequency radio waves to transmit data form one place to another. It mainly implemented in office and home networks.  We implemented these concepts in infrastructure, adhoc network and mixed network modes.

  • NS2 ZigBee PROJECTS:

We implemented this technology to standard personal wireless network which enhance wireless technology. We used this method to monitor and control system in industry and home appliances.


It is a popular technology in wireless application. We transmit information in the form of microwave signal through various portable devices. Fixed Wimax and mobile Wimax are two category of Wimax technology.

  • Voice Communication:

Efficient communication is provided by voice communication for wireless devices such as cell phones, video conference and internet calls.

  • NS2 Bluetooth PROJECTS:

It is used for short range of communication.

Application of NS2 Projects in Wireless:

We implemented wireless communication projects in various application, there are:

  • Natural disaster application, such as earth quakes, cyclone can use wireless communication for rescue operations.
  • News transmission and road conditions are shared in vehicle applications.
  • Medical application to inform patient health information to doctors.

NS2 Projects Video Output

See our Latest Video Output of Ns2 Projects on Various Domain.

Ns2 Projects

Customized NS2 Projects for B.E/B.Tech/M.E/M.Tech/Ms/PhD Scholars.

Ns2 Projects Screen Shots

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Journal Support for Research Scholars
NS2 Projects Journal support
Ns2 Projects Work Progress
  • MANET – Mobile Ad Hoc Network 95%
  • VANET – Vechicle Ad Hoc Netwok 97%
  • LTE – Long Term Evolution 78%
  • IoT – Internet of Things 90%
  • Wireless Sensor Network 89%
  • Network Security 89%
  • Ns2 Attacks 96%
  • Cognitive Radio Network 85%
  • Parallel and Distributed Computing 73%
  • SDN – Software Defined Networking 95%
  • P2P , Video Streaming , Peersim 96%
  • IPV4 , IPV6 88%
  • 4G Network , 5G Network 80%
  • Visual , Underwater Sensor Network 79%
  • Multicasting Communication 84%
  • Wimax, WiFi 90%
  • OFDMA 94%
Our Achievements – Ns2 Projects
Ns2 Projects Achievements