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Customized NS2 Projects with Source Code

Ns2 is a discrete event simulator which is widely for network research and development process.NS2 provides better simulation for different types of protocol.NS2 simulator projects is highly used among academic students and PhD Research scholars for their final year projects.We assist Students in Implementing Ns2 Projects with source code based on their requirements.Reach us to know more detailed information regarding NS2 Projects.We Implement NS2 Projects for both Wired and Wireless Networking Topics.

NS2 is an important network simulator for wireless communication. Based on NS2, it is very useful for research process. We offer ns2 projects for  academic students in network communication. We support students and research scholars to develop ns2 projects with various protocols in an effective way. We implement multicast routing protocols in wired network based on IEEE papers. We develop NS2 projects for B.E, B.Tech, M.E and M.Tech student in an efficient way.

Ns2 Features:

  • Discrete event simulator.
  • Support all routing protocols.
  • Support wired and wireless network.

Benefits of Utilizing NS2 Projects:

  • Complex techniques are easily simulated.
  • Experimental setup is controlled.
  • Complex and simple scenario can be easily tested.
  • Less cost.

Components of ns2:

  • ns-2, the simulator itself
    • Specify simulation, generate traces
    • Depends on Tcl/Tk, OTcl, TclCL
  • nam, the network animator
    • Animate traces from simulation
    • GUI for constructing simple simulations
  • Pre-processing
    • Traffic, topology generation
  • Post-processing
    • Analyse trace output with awk, etc

Wireless Network using NS2 Projects:

A computer device which connected by wireless technologies is referred as wireless communication. Various wireless communications are available to simulate personal area network, metropolitan area network wide network by ns2 simulation tool.

Wired Network using NS2 Projects:

Wired network defined as providing physical connection with two or more networks by physical link or cable medium in wired network which transfer data from one computer to another computer. We support communication channel with various interaction among users.  This implementation is carried out by network simulator to access secured wired network.

Applications of NS2 Projects:

Various applications are listed as:

  • Analyze link stability by simulation model.
  • Power management and bandwidth in wired and wireless communication are analyzed.
  • Various attacks in sensor node and mobile ad hoc network are eliminated by encryption and security algorithm based on Ns2 projects.
  • High security is ensured among wireless communication.
  • Require high level reliable and secure transmission in mobile nodes which analyzed by ns2 simulation tools.

NS2 Architecture:Ns2 is a mixture of OTCL script and C++ language. We can write code in MS word. To interpret script line by line we can write code in notepad. NS2 is a class hierarchy structure. Using OTcl library we can design and run simulation by TCL interprets.

NS2 Projects Video Output

See our Latest Video Output of Ns2 Projects on Various Domain.

Ns2 Projects

Customized NS2 Projects for B.E/B.Tech/M.E/M.Tech/Ms/PhD Scholars.

Ns2 Projects Screen Shots

Ns2 Projects Screen Shots.Regular Update of NS2 Projects Screenshots here!

Sample NS2 Projects Code

# Create a UDP agent
set udp [new Agent/UDP] $ns attach-agent $n0 $udp
set null [new Agent/Null] $ns attach-agent $n3 $null
$ns connect $udp $null
$udp set fid_ 1

# Create a CBR traffic source
set cbr [new Application/Traffic/CBR] $cbr attach-agent $udp
$cbr set packetSize_ 1000
$cbr set rate_ 2Mb

# Create a TCP agent
set tcp [new Agent/TCP] $ns attach-agent $n1 $tcp
set sink [new Agent/TCPSink] $ns attach-agent $n4 $sink
$ns connect $tcp $sink
$tcp set fid_ 2

# Create an FTP session
set ftp [new Application/FTP] $ftp attach-agent $tcp

# Schedule events
$ns at 0.05 "$ftp start"
$ns at 0.1 "$cbr start"
$ns at 60.0 "$ftp stop"
$ns at 60.5 "$cbr stop"
$ns at 61 "finish"

# Start the simulation
$ns run

How to set color for nodes in NS2 Projects

for {set i 0} {$i < $val(nn) } {incr i} {
$node_($i) color blue

$ns at 0.0 "$node_($i) color black"

How to set node size in ns2 projects

for {set i 0} {$i < $val(nn)} {incr i} {

$ns initial_node_pos $node_($i) 25

Journal Support for Research Scholars
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Ns2 Projects Work Progress
  • MANET – Mobile Ad Hoc Network 95%
  • VANET – Vechicle Ad Hoc Netwok 97%
  • LTE – Long Term Evolution 78%
  • IoT – Internet of Things 90%
  • Wireless Sensor Network 89%
  • Network Security 89%
  • Ns2 Attacks 96%
  • Cognitive Radio Network 85%
  • Parallel and Distributed Computing 73%
  • SDN – Software Defined Networking 95%
  • P2P , Video Streaming , Peersim 96%
  • IPV4 , IPV6 88%
  • 4G Network , 5G Network 80%
  • Visual , Underwater Sensor Network 79%
  • Multicasting Communication 84%
  • Wimax, WiFi 90%
  • OFDMA 94%
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