Ns2 Software Free Download for Ubuntu

           While downloading network simulator 2 for Ubuntu, we have to follow all the information and they are highlighted in this article. To begin with, the required components based on network simulator 2 software have to be highlighted in the terminal.

  • Xgraph
  • The Xgraph program draws a graph on an X display given data read from either data files or from standard input if no files are specified
  • NAM
  • NAM file is a separate program which is distributed with NS2 simulator to read an input file and draw the network events graphically
  • AWK script
  • AWK Scripts for NS2 to process data from Trace Files

            Here, we have highlighted the process of downloading the Ns2 software for Ubuntu. Mainly, Ns2 is defined as the open source simulator which is deployed to simulate various types of networks such as satellite, wireless and wired. The below mentioned URL is used to download the Ns2 software.


Downloading Ns2 Software

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