NS2 Trace File Format

How to simulate Trace File Formar using NS2 simulator?

 What is known as Trace file format?

  • Events in Queues can be recorded in a trace file.
  • Statistical information (such as throughput on a link/queue) can be computed using the trace data.

Code for closing opened trace file upon termination:

Below is a set of code for NS2 Trace file format for closing file upon termination.

global tracefile

close $tracefile

Code for trace all queues:

Below is a set of code for NS2 Trace File Format for all Queue Data,

set file1 [open out.tr w]

$ns trace-all file1

code for trace specific queue:

Below is a code for NS2 Trace file format for Specific Queue data

set file1 [open out.tr w]

$ns trace-queue $n2 $n3 file1

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