Ns3 Download

         Generally, there are two significant methods to download Ns3 and this article about the description of that. Here, our research professionals have depicted the process of two methods in the following.

Method: 1

           It is considered as the simple process, we can download ns-3.28 just by clicking the URL that is highlighted below.


Link to Download Ns-3.28

Method: 2

          We can download Ns3 through upgrading the patch file and it is considered as the alternative technique to download and install the required package. Here, we have to upgrade the patch from ns-3.27 to ns-3.28 through utilizing the URL “https://www.nsnam.org/release/patches/ns-3.27-to-ns-3.28.patch”.

Download Ns-3.28

             If you guys have any issues in this process of downloading Ns3 with the utilization of these two methods, then just ping us.