P2P Network Projects

    P2P Network Projects is one the recent choices of Students and Scholars of Communication related courses. Before we discuss about P2P Network Projects, it is necessary to know what P2P Network is, P2P Network is “a management of network devices without central manager is modeled as P2P Network”. The architecture design of P2P Network can be of (1) Pure P2P Network, (2) Hybrid P2P Network, (3) Centralized P2P Network, (4) Unstructured P2P Network and (5) Structured P2P Network. We gather up their advantages to model a novel idea in P2P-Network Projects.

Potential Benefits of P2P Network

  • Easier network management
  • Simpler installation of new device
  • Economical
  • Independent operations
  • Ability to handle large volumes of data

     P2P Projects are suitable for home applications and smaller scale Business environments. In this P2P Network Projects are implemented by our team using Network Simulator 2, Network Simulator 3, OMNET++ and other leading simulators. Students prefer us due to our flexible procedure. Our strength is the experience of our faculties who handle student network related projects smoother and deliver before their deadline.

Students Guaranteed by us With Standard:

  • Project Abstract (Gist of Proposed work )
  • Base Paper (From Reputed Journals)
  • Presentations (For Reviews)
  • Technical Explanation (For Scoring in Viva Voice)
  • Execution Demo (Live and Video)
  • Documentation (From Intro to Conclusion)
  • Project completion Letter


  • An innovative mechanism for discovery of potential collaboration networks from open knowledge sources system
  • An effective mechanism for Multi-Class Energy Management designed for Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading Driven via Prosumer Preferences scheme [P2P-Projects]
  • An inventive process of motivating Content Sharing and Trustworthiness also into Mobile Social Networks system
  • A new technology solution into optimize also based on time shift TV bandwidth system
  • An effective mechanism meant for Unsupervised Indoor Peer Discovery Methodology also by LTE D2D Communications system
  • A new technology for Wireless sensor network QoS optimization aimed at also smart cities system
  • The novel technology for Peer-Assisted Computation Offloading also into WN system
  • An inventive mechanism for DTNDocs also based on delay tolerant peer-to-peer collaborative editing scheme
  • On the use of SWIPT projected for Optimal Transmission Schemes aimed at DF Relaying Networks
  • The new-fangled method for Distributed Rumor Blocking also by Multiple Positive Cascades scheme
  • An efficient mechanism for enhanced device-transparent real-time teleconsultation environment also intended for radiologists system
  • An inventive process of Internet of Satellites (IoSat) also based on Analysis of Network Models and Routing Protocol Requirements method
  • A new technique for Centralized and also epidemic dissemination of security patches system
  • The novel methodology of Probabilistic energy efficient routing protocol meant also for wireless sensor network system
  • An effective performance for Constructing secure peer data connectivity also for mobile systems [P2P-Network]