Wireless communication involves the process of transmitting data packets between two wireless devices in the absence of physical interventions like wires, visible mediums, etc. In other words, wireless communication is the communication process among various devices using electromagnetic waves such as Radio and Microwaves and with routers. Our experts provide best PhD guidance in wireless communication domain.

Let us have a look at the research information on wireless communication.

What are the three main wireless technologies? 

  • Indoor Positioning
    • By using wireless devices such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth we can find the location within a limited area
  • Body Area Networks / Personal Area Networks 
    • Big firms in earnest are helpful to wearable sensors 
  • Device to Device Communication and Internet of Things
    • Small chips are available by connecting the Internet wirelessly and the machines to each other.

Currently, our PhD guidance in wireless communication service focuses on the applications, use-cases, and recent updates in wireless communication. Here our well-experienced researchers have listed down some recent research topics in wireless communication.

Research Topics in Wireless Communication

  • Spectrum Sensing
  • RF Energy Harvesting and Wireless Power Transmission
  • Microwave Imaging 
  • 5G Communication
  • Modified modulation schemes
  • Massive MIMO
  • Antennas supporting adaptive beamforming

Wireless is an ever-widening field that demands great research knowledge and experience for developing various applications. So far, we have discussed innovative research topics in wireless communication. Now, let us take a glance over the significant research areas in wireless communication.

Research Ideas in Wireless Communication

Above, we have highlighted the research ideas in wireless communication. We provide massive research resources for all the above research ideas in wireless communication. Our well-experienced research team assists you to improve any of the above research ideas. In the same way, it is important to know about the research applications in wireless communication. Thus, the significant research applications are highlighted below.

Research PhD Guidance in Wireless Communication

Major Applications in Wireless Communication

  • Application in Wireless Power Transfer
  • Wireless Computer Interface Gadgets
  • Security and Privacy Systems for Cyber-Physical Systems 

Wireless communication applications are utilized in both analog and digital communications and they can be deployed for vital procedures, extending from transferring data between devices to accessing the internet. Wireless communication covers a wide range of characteristics that interface to give more exciting results in the research papers. Here our technical experts listed down the specifics about the antenna modeling in wireless communication.

Antenna Modeling in Wireless Communication

Antennas play a significant role in wireless communication technology. As they creatively renovate the electronic signals into electromagnetic waves. They are the fundamental elements of the electrical circuit as they deliver interrelating links between the transmitter and unrestricted space and between the unrestricted space and receiver. To expand the presentation of antenna, we can use the local and global optimization procedures. And corresponding computing and machine learning techniques are utilized to speed up the optimization. 

What type of antennas are used in cellular communication?

  • Multi-Band 698-1000 and 1700-2700 MHz Panel Antenna – 7-10dB Gain
  • Yagi 700 MHz 4G LTE Antenna – 6dB Gain
  • Wideband 800-2500 MHz Log Periodic Antenna – 10dB Gain
  • Wideband Yagi 880-960 MHz Antenna – 14dB Gain
  • Wideband 690-2700 MHz Log Periodic Antenna – 8-10dB Gain

Now, we have discussed the types of antennas in cellular network communication. If you need assistance in determining the appropriate antenna for your cellular application, contact our research experts and they assist you to reach better results in cellular communication.

We have updated the technical team to provide novel research ideas with suitable theorems, proofs, source code, and tools information. So, contact our PhD guidance in wireless communication for your requirements. Now, let us discuss how our technical experts model antenna using Matlab.

What are the Antenna Parameters? 

  • Physical Optics and Hybrid MoM
    • Large structure analysis is done, in addition to new solvers
  • Custom Antenna STL Object
    • To create a custom 3D antenna STL file is imported
  • Antenna Array Designer App
    • It is to design, analyze and visualize antennas interactively
  • Custom Antenna Patterns
    • Using sensor array analyzer app custom patterns in phi-theta are imported

We hope you receive a clear view of wireless communication. If you want to upgrade your knowledge in wireless communication, then hold your hands with us. We will add our keen help to elevate your skill level in wireless communication and we crack out the apt results with source code and information about the tools. Yet, our expert team is creating more research ideas in wireless communication. To end this, our PhD guidance in wireless communication service is here to aid you in all facets.