PhD Research Topics in Wireless Communication

Wireless communication is the transmission of data between two different nodes in the absence of the wired conductors. Generally, radio waves are used in wireless technologies. We guide research scholars to choose latest PhD research topics in wireless communication.

By using the radio waves projected distance can be short such as, 

  • Bluetooth
  • Deep-Space Radio Communication

In this page, we discuss the contemporary innovations in wireless research, the uses of wireless applications and latest wireless topics for PhD MS Research Scholars.

Top 5 PhD Research Topics in Wireless Communication

Wireless is mostly used for communication, but it also supports the transmission of electricity. Meanwhile, the recent technologies of cloud computing, electronic, intelligent system are using wireless charging to charge their sensors nodes, vehicles, etc. We start with the fundamental needs of wireless.

How does wireless work?

Generally, the term wireless is referred to wireless communication. Wireless is used as a way of transporting the signals without any optical fibres/wires.

The signals circulate over the permitted space in wireless. At present, wireless technologies play a significant role in the lives of people all over the world, and as additional information, a huge number of people are depending on the technology directly or indirectly.

What are wireless technologies? 

Wireless technology is a concept that helps to resolve the engineering issues with the assistance of wireless technologies such as, 

  • Radar Technology
  • Optical Waves
  • Infrared Rays
  • Acoustic Technology
  • Radio Communication

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Popular Latest Wireless Topics

We present here top 5 interesting PhD research topics in wireless communication, we provide system development support for the below mentioned research topics

  • mm Wave Communication 
    • Waves of the bands 28 to 60 GHz that has surplus bandwidths and provide a 10X rise in data rates
  • Massive MIMO
    • Antennas in BS increase their channel capacity exponentially
  • Full Duplex Communication
    • Concurrent transmission and reception in the parallel frequency band that double the spectral efficiency
  • Beamforming
    • Directional radiation to user equipment (UE) and withdraws the interference from the additional sources and compensate for free-space path loss
  • Machine to Machine Communication
    • By connecting the devices virtually, they can communicate with each other without any physical interference
  • Small Cell Networks
    • gNodeB’s that cater to the mobile over a very short distance and ensure reliable communication in the mm Wave bands

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Interesting Latest Wireless Topics for Research Scholars

Fundamentals of Wireless

  • Find out the devices which in closer to the source 
  • Try to connect with them by zero latency 
  • Determine what service that the devices
  • Utilize those services from the devices

Most importantly, wireless technology reduces link breakdowns, cost, replacement, etc. So, it is well qualified for all the real-time applications to implement Latest Wireless Topics. For your ease, our research experts have enlisted some advantages in wireless technology.

Advantages of Wireless

  • Data rate achieved is possible
  • Data transfer is reliable
  • Connectivity issue is disappear 
  • Complexity reduces than physical wired connections 

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