Projects on Network Security

Projects on Network Security
Digital forensic readiness for branchless banking
Block-Row Sparse Multiview Multilabel Learning for Image Classification
Artificial Noise Assisted Secure Transmission under Training and Feedback
Integrated Energy Exchange Scheduling for Multimicrogrid System With Electric Vehicles
Secure and Anonymous Communication Technique: Formal Model and its Prototype Implementation
Normalized cyclic convolution: The case of even length
Evaluation of Probability Transformations of Belief Functions for Decision Making
Enhancing fuzzing with a minimum set solver
Continuous Answering Holistic Queries over Sensor Networks
Intrusion Detection in 802.11 Networks: Empirical Evaluation of Threats and a Public Dataset
VeRV: A temporal and data-concerned verification framework for the vehicle bus systems
Robust collaborative recommendation algorithm based on kernel function and Welsch reweighted M-estimator
Discovery of De-identification Policies Considering Re-identification Risks and Information Loss
The Cryptanalysis of WPA & WPA2 in the Rule-Based Brute Force Attack, an Advanced and Efficient Method
An Enhanced Secure Anonymous Authentication Scheme Based on Smart Cards and Biometrics for Multi-server Environments
PESCA: a peer-to-peer social network architecture with privacy-enabled social communication and data availability
Adaptively secure broadcast encryption under standard assumptions with better efficiency
Self-similarity cryptanalysis of the block cipher ITUbee
Anonymous multi-receiver ID-based signcryption scheme
Enhancing symbolic execution method with a taint layer
Abstract Hidden Markov Models: A Monadic Account of Quantitative Information Flow
Implementation model for access control using log based security: Practical approach
SparkXS: Efficient Access Control for Intelligent and Large-Scale Streaming Data Applications
VINCE: Exploiting visible light sensing for smartphone-based NFC systems
Boolean-valued models of telecommunication systems in some problems of network security
2015 IEEE projects on network security