Projects on Networking

Projects on Networking
TCPRand: Randomizing TCP payload size for TCP fairness in data center networks
Finite-time cluster synchronization of T-S fuzzy complex networks with discontinuous subsystems and random coupling delays
A Throughput Study of White-Fi Networks in Rural Environment under Realistic Conditions and Mobility
Scheduling transmissions in industrial networks using source relaying and packet aggregation
Non-repeatedly marking traceback model for wireless sensor networks
WRH-ONoC: A wavelength-reused hierarchical architecture for optical Network on Chips
LMI-based D-stabilization for a class of networked control systems via dynamic output feedback
Interference Suppression Using Generalized Inverse Precoder for Downlink Heterogeneous Networks
A Mobile Platform for Wireless Charging and Data Collection in Sensor Networks
Convergence properties of general network selection games
Feedback Error Learning Control of Magnetic Satellites Using Type-2 Fuzzy Neural Networks With Elliptic Membership Functions
Multi-task assignment for crowdsensing in mobile social networks
On the multi-hop performance of receiver based MAC protocol in routing protocol for low-power and lossy networks-based low power and lossy wireless sensor networks
A survey of intrusion detection systems in wireless sensor networks
Finite-time synchronization of memristor-based neural networks
Phonological vocoding using artificial neural networks
Impulsive Stabilization and Impulsive Synchronization of Discrete-Time Delayed Neural Networks
SSO-key distribution center based implementation using serpent encryption algorithm for distributed network (securing SSO in distributed network)
Minimum-costs of multiple unicasts wireless networks with inter-session network coding
Myopic policy for opportunistic access in cognitive radio networks by exploiting primary user feedbacks
Minimum connected dominating set construction in wireless networks under the beeping model
Energy Efficient Virtual Network Embedding for Cloud Networks
Security of ONS service for applications of the Internet of Things and their pilot implementation in academic network
Performance evaluation of future AMI applications in Smart Grid Neighborhood Area Networks
Performance Analysis of Two-Way Relaying Networks With the Nth Worst Relay Selection Over Various Fading Channels
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