Resource Management in Long Term Evolution Projects

    Resource Management in Long Term Evolution Projects is build by our energetic developers who are capable to support concepts from reputed papers and student’s own concept. The Long Term Evolution is an emerging widespread technology that is efficiently used for several internet services. The main aim of wireless technologies is to maximize spectrum utilization due to the problem of spectrum scarcity. Long Term Evolution is comprise of different cells in which devices communicate with each other. Femtocells in Long Term Evolution achieves,

  • Increased Coverage Area (indoor)
  • Management of Traffic Congestion
  • Cost Minimization
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Enhanced Quality of Service

   Due to the increased utilization of smart mobiles for communication, the concept of radio resource management is importantly study by many researchers. This real–time involvement of communication attracts students to perform projects in this area. Advance antenna technologies are support in Long Term Evolution and other recently develop technologies are also fed into this. Our assurance for a project is original results, concept enhancements (optional), complete code, free software installation and project execution demo video. Create your masterpiece project in your final academic year.

    You too attracted towards this project area, then select your topic on Resource Management in Long Term Evolution Projects,

  • An efficient mechanism also for Green-oriented user-satisfaction aware WiFi offloading into HetNets system
  • A fresh mechanism for MAC scheduling algorithm intended also for TCP throughput improvement into LTE system
  • An inventive process of Data-driven Evaluation of Anticipatory Networking within LTE Networks [Resource-Management in LTE Projects]
  • An effective performance based on the impacts of in-band LTE emissions system
  • An Innovative performance for Distributed Q-Learning Based on Resource Reservation Outline also used for Facilitating D2D Content Access Requests into LTE-A Networks
  • The new practice for Spectral Overlap Optimization designed also for DVB-T2 and LTE Coexistence system
  • A proficient process of QoE-Based on Resource Allocation also on behalf of Heterogeneous Multi-Radio Communication into Software-Defined Vehicle Networks
  • The novel process of modern Dynamic Preamble Subset Allocation designed also for RAN Slicing in 5G Networks system
  • An efficient mechanism for Delivering Fairness and QoS Guarantees meant also for LTE/Wi-Fi Coexistence Under LAA Operation scheme
  • An innovative performance for Energy-and Spectral-Efficiency Trade-off aimed at also D2D-Multicasts in Underlay Cellular Networks
  • The new process of Adaptive Mobility Load Balancing Algorithm intended also for LTE Small-Cell Networks
  • A novel technology for Enhanced Collision Avoidance used for Distributed LTE Vehicle to Vehicle Broadcast Communications system
  • The new mechanism for Optimal DASH-Multicasting over LTE system
  • An inventive process of Opportunistic Coexistence for LTE and WiFi on behalf of Future 5G System based on Experimental Performance Evaluation and Analysis [Long Term Evolution Projects]
  • The fresh function of Radio Resource Allocation for Multicast Services Based on Multiple Video Layers