SDN with WiFi Projects

      SDN with WiFi Projects for students are focus in many standard research papers for building it and measuring its performance. Wireless Fidelity is term in short as WiFi which provides varying speed of transmission with the corresponding standards used. Some of the concepts that are involve in this SDN-with-WiFi-Projects are,

  • Load Balancing – Load balancing is require when number of users are high, a perfect load balancing can be designed by wither altering coverage area or by managing number of user connectivity.
  • Handover Handover is perform when a device moves from one WiFi access point’s coverage area to another. Handover is significant since, all the devices are enable to move dynamically.
  • Security Security is necessary due to the involvement of multiple harmful threats into the network to degrade / destroy the network performances. Security can be provide in terms of user authentication or data security.
  • Switch Migration Switches in SDN architecture are fed with flow table entries which is limit to a certain constraint. In case if the flow entries are completely fill, then switches migrate flows.
  • Packet SchedulingDevices transmit different types of packets at same time, to tolerate all the packets they are schedule in an organize manner.

Some recent titles of SDN-with-Wi-Fi Projects are listed below,

  • An efficient method for Link capacity estimation also in SDN-based on end-hosts system
  • A modern designed for Mobile Cloud-Based Interactive 3D Rendering and also Streaming System over Heterogeneous in Wireless Networks [SDN with WiFi Projects]
  • An effective novel process of measurement also in study of a single-BSS software defined WiFi testbed
  • The new system of Inter-domain Mobility Management via SDN intended also for Residential/Enterprise Real Time Services system
  • An efficient mechanism for HetSDN based on Exploiting SDN designed also for intelligent network practice in heterogeneous wireless networks scheme
  • A Software-defined exchange intended also for the virtualized WiFi network towards probable Mobile Cloud services system
  • An effective mechanism designed also for Analysis of SDN in favor of wireless handover platform scheme
  • An innovative process of Mininet-WiFi scheme also based on Emulating software-defin wireless networks system
  • A new-fangled SDN approach to spectrum brokerage also in infrastructure-based on Cognitive Radio networks system
  • An effective mechanism meant also for SDN-based on wireless bandwidth slicing scheme for software defined networking final year projects
  • The new resource of Interference management in software-defined mobile networks system
  • A fresh function of QoS enable to WiFi MAC layer also processing as an pattern of a NFV service system
  • An effective Practical and also designed process of junction based on Fixed/Mobile Access Networks system
  • A modern process of VirtueMAN function for software-defined network architecture design also for WiFi-based on metropolitan applications [SDN-with-WiFi Projects]
  • A competent framework process of context-aware content delivery also used for QoS in mobile cloud system