Steganography Projects

Steganography projects form a collective group of experts to serve budding students. We have created this service to address the growth of the security field. In general, cryptography and steganography are the two moons of the security sky. Emerging web-based applications urge the novel ideas to enrich the security level. By means all, Steganography projects will rule the upcoming years. Thus, taking off your project in this field will be the best ever choice. Once you have happy with the field, the next thing is to get proper guidance. For the past 18 years, we have guided 5000+ students in this field. So, have our assist will be the lamp for your project camp.


  • Biometrics based steganography
  • Chain of custody for digital documents
  • Search over the encrypted data
  • Steganalysis on digital watermarking
  • Near duplicate multimedia retrieval
  • Steganography security for mobile application
  • Covert hiding communication
  • Traffic obfuscation detection
  • Attack masking and side-channel security
  • Trojan detection and prevention


  • Generative adversarial network
  • Vernam algorithm
  • Quantum imaging algorithm
  • Zernike moment
  • Multi-level fuzzy theory
  • 3D-image CNN algorithm
  • 2D chaotic map
  • Hybrid algorithms (DCT with DWT)
  • Improved algorithms (HIS, LSB, MSB)
  • Adaptive coding (Huffman, Gray code)

Our topic and algorithm selection services will offload the half of your project burdens. We feel that, this is insufficient for a student to move further. Don’t worry as we lend our execution help which will offload the balance burden. On the whole, we will fetch your issues so that you can fetch the success.   

Steganography Supported Programming Languages

  • Python
  • Java
  • C, C++ and C#
  • PHP
  • Swift

Steganography Supported Domains and Tools

  • Cloud and Fog Computing
    • CloudSim
    • iFogSim
    • SPECI
    • iCanCloud
    • GreenCloud
    • EMUSIM
  • Internet of Things
    • Cooja
    • IoTify
    • ANSYS
    • CupCarbon
    • SimpleIoTSimulator
    • BevyWise
  • Networks (WSN, MANET, VANET, WBAN)
    • Matlab
    • NS-3
    • OMNeT++
    • QualNet (Exata)
    • NetSim
    • PeerSim
  • Big Data
    • Apache Spark
    • Apache Storm
    • Hadoop
    • Cassandra
    • Neo4j
    • MongoDB and HPCC

Though you may not aware of above topics, you can use them with our tutors. Our day-by-day training will make your project as much as easy. At last, you will gain a confident to defend your viva voce. The only thing you need to do is bond with us. This right decision will take you to the top of the research.