Tcl Full Form in Ns2

           The tool command language is abbreviated as Tcl and it is a scripting language that is capable to control and extend the software applications. Generally, the .tcl filw includes the Tcl scripts that are composed for the Tcl functions. The Tcl is mainly deployed in the specification of protocols along with the applications and it permits for the flexible development and to describe several network topologies.

Global Variables in Tcl

            In general, the global variables are deployed with the extensive throughout and program and they are denoted as the various procedures in the program. For your reference we have highlighted some global variables in the following.

set PI 3.1415926536
proc perimeter {radius} {
global PI
expr 2*$PI*$radius

Creating Simple Wired Cum Wireless Scenario in Ns2

        Now, we are using the array opt() instead of val() which is basically deployed to demonstrate that this is no longer a global array variable and its scope is well defined only in the test script.

set opt(adhocRouting) DSDV
set opt(cp) "" ;# cp file not used
set opt(stop) 300 ;# time to stop simulation

The below mentioned command is all about the time based on the TCP flow.

set opt(ftp1-start) 160.0
set opt(ftp2-start) 170.0

The number of wired and based station nodes is depicted in the following command.

set num_wired_nodes 2
set num_bs_nodes 1

Running MobileIP in a Simple Wired Cum Wireless Topology in Ns2

        On the other hand, the mobile node is capable to roam outside and the domain includes the base station which is continuing to receiving packets with the range of mobileIP based on wired cum wireless consequence. For instance, the wired domain includes two wired nodes such as W0 and W1 with 2 base stations nodes such as home agent (HA) and foreign agent (FA). Here, the TCP flow is among the W0 and mobile host and it is used to observe the functions of packets with the destined process of mobile host.

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