Tcl in Networking

Most significantly, the Tcl script is deployed for the process of TCP / IP network programming along with socket, http, SSL, TLS, CGI, PKI and some other modules which provides the full network programming support. In addition, it is deployed to provide the ability of applications to communicate with each other.

Tcl Interpreters in Networking

As an additional note, we have highlighted some interpreters based on Tcl in networking along with its specifications.

  • tclkit
  • It is denoted as all in one combination of tclvfs, Itcl, Metakit, Tk, Tcl and some other extensions
  • It is deployed as code in the starkit format
  • wish
  • It is defined as the Tcl interpreter along with the preload based on Tk extension
  • Tclsh
  • It is the stand alone interpreter which includes the functions of Tcl
  • Cisco IOS
  • It is defined as the shell which is provided in Cisco network equipment
  • Expert
  • It is defined as the tool for automating the interactive systems through the standard streams

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