Traffic Management – Anomaly Detection Projects

    Traffic Management – Anomaly Detection Projects are preferred by students and scholars those are interested over the field of Security. An effective process for Traffic Management – Anomaly Detection Projects are served for students pursuing final year in B.E, B.Tech, M.E and M.Tech especially networking related branches.

Project is your Opportunity to establish your Knowledge wider!

    Security is one of the major issue that occurs due to the development of anomalies, intruders, attackers and threats. Any type of unusual activity in the system needs to be analyzed for providing security. Anomalies are present in all type of Network which can be determined from the network behavior. Monitoring the network is the best choice to identify anomaly by analyzing incoming packets into the Network. We share our experience of Anomaly Detection with their applications and algorithms involved for detecting anomaly.

Applications of Anomaly Detection

  • Intrusion Detection system (Cyber Security)
  • Fraud Detection
  • Fault Detection
  • Wireless Sensor Networks (Event Detection)
  • Web applications
  • Mobile Healthcare System
  • Social Searching

Foremost algorithm used for Anomaly Detection

  • Extreme Machine Learning algorithm
  • K–means clustering
  • Autoencoder Model
  • Convolutional Neural Network
  • N–model Artificial Neural Network
  • Exponential Smoothing Model
  • Neuro–Fuzzy Model
  • Deep Neural Networks
  • Ensemble Classification Model
  • Riemannian Cluster Approach
  • Genetic Algorithm
  • One–Class Support Vector Machine
  • Hierarchical clustering
  • Pattern recognition
  • Decision tree

  Leading Concepts of Traffic-management – Anomaly-Detection Projects,

  • An inventive process of Semi-supervised learning based on big data-driven anomaly detection into mobile wireless networks (MWNs)
  • A novel technology of an analytics approach also based on Detecting traffic anomaly in wireless networks (WNs)
  • The new mechanism for Research of Security as a Service (Saas) also for VMs within IaaS Platform scheme [Traffic Management – Anomaly Detection Projects]
  • A novel technique for Evaluation of Support Vector Machine (SVM) Kernels meant also for Detecting Network Anomalies system
  • The new performance for Detection of unstable approaches into flight track with recurrent neural network
  • An innovative mechanism for compressed structure based on monitoring and anomaly detection also in cloud networks
  • The new technique also for Accurate Recovery of Internet Traffic Data under Variable Rate Measurements system
  • On the use of Stacked Auto-Encoder also for an anomaly detection method to detect web attacks scheme
  • The fresh mechanism also for Anomalous behavior detection of marine vessels constructed on Hidden Markov Model practice
  • A new-fangled mechanism also for Neuro-Fuzzy Based on Horizontal Anomaly Detection in Connected Social Networks
  • A fresh mechanism also for Design and implementation of real-time visualization tool designed for network security monitoring system
  • The novel technology also for Accurate Recovery of Internet Traffic Data into Sequential Tensor Completion Method
  • An innovative method also for Self-Adaptive Deep Learning-Based on System meant for Anomaly Detection into 5G Networks
  • An outline method for Probing Limits of Anomaly Detectors also used for Automobiles with a Cyber Attack system
  • The novel technology also for Adaptive Anomaly Detection into Performance Metric Streams [Traffic-Management in Anomaly-Detection Projects]