WASN Projects

     WASN Projects is an interesting area in networking that is perform for students to-study novel concepts involved in their project. It is introduce from the idea of Wireless Sensor Network, that supports many real–time applications. Sensors are enable to measure different changes in the environment in which it is placed. This WASN architecture is comprise of sensor nodes and actor nodes.

Sensor Nodes

  • Different types of sensor devices can be used according to their purpose (Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, etc.). These nodes are equipp with sensing capacity, that measures the variations around the environment. Sensors can be design as either static or dynamic in nature. In WASN Projects the sensed information from sensor node is transmit to actor nodes.

Actor Nodes

  • In Actor nodes in WASN communicate with wireless sensor nodes. And aggregate the data from all the sensor nodes. there are responsible to collect the data, process it and take actions accordingly.

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 For more ideas, we list out some important topics in WASN-Projects,

  • An original process of Synchronized Wireless Measurement of High-Voltage Power System Frequency also Using Mobile Embedded Systems [WASN-Projects]
  • A new-fangled source function of Efficient Algorithm designed also for Unit-Modulus Quadratic Programs With Application into Beamforming based on Wireless Sensor Networks
  • An inventive performance for Kinect Sensor Gesture and also Activity Recognition based on New Applications designed for Consumer Cognitive Systems
  • The novel technology for Sensor Scheduling by means of Time, Energy, and also Communication Constraints method
  • A fresh design mechanism for Deep Learning of Semisupervised Process Data also using Hierarchical Extreme Learning Machine and Soft Sensor Application
  • A Designing function of Opto-Electronic Sensor Network Powered Over Fiber also for Harsh Industrial Applications system
  • An innovative performance for Fault Detection also in Wireless Sensor Networks through SVM Classifier
  • On the use of Artificial Neural Network also based on Prediction of Moisture Loss into Withering Process of Tea Manufacturing scheme
  • A framework process of Fabrication, Structure Characterization, and also Performance Testing for Piezoelectret-Film Sensors in favor of Recording Body Motion system
  • An effective usage also for Framework of Energy-Aware Data Delivery Safety-Oriented Mobile IoT
  • The new-fangled performance also for Tracking of Mobile Sensors with Belief Functions into Indoor Wireless Networks
  • In The fresh process of BRPL based on Backpressure RPL also for High-Throughput and Mobile IoTs
  • A competent function of Deep Neural Networks also for Learning Spatio-Temporal Features From Tomography Sensors [WASN]
  • An inventive performance for Proportional Time Allocation Algorithm to Transmit Binary Sensor Decisions also for Target Tracking in a Wireless Sensor Network
  • A competent function Robust Cooperative Spectrum Sensing also for MIMO Cognitive Radio Networks Under CSI Uncertainty