WBAN with IoT Projects

    WBAN with IoT Projects are model for the students pursuing academic study in Bachelor of Engineering and Master’s of Engineering. Projects are develop for any IEEE paper concept along with enhancements. In WBAN integrated with IoT is an interesting topic prefer by students in recent years. Body Area Network is a type of wireless network that is design to sense human organs. Different types of sensors are equipp to measure different organs in human body. This was applied in medical field to monitor a patient for 24 hours. The reports are receive to a smart phone which is handle by patient’s guardian.  This system is integrated with Internet of Things to access it from anywhere.

   WBAN performs Inter–BAN communication, Intra–BAN communication and beyond–BAN communication in the designed network. Increased growth of wireless communication technologies are required to support WBAN with IoT Projects. They are:

  • Universal Mobile Telecommunication System (UMTS)
  • Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)
  • Third Generation communication (3G)
  • Fourth Generation communication (4G)
  • Fifth Generation communication (5G)
  • Wireless Fidelity
  • Global System for Mobile communication
  • Wireless Fidelity (WiFi)
  • Long Term Evolution (LTE)
  • Zigbee

  For more project ideas, we have provided all the recent study undergone for WBAN-with-IoT-Projects,

  • A new function of Development for an innovative mHealth platform intended also for remote physical activity monitoring and health coaching of cardiac rehabilitation patients method [WBAN-with-IoT Projects]
  • An innovative performance for E-survey also based on approach designed for pervasive healthcare system
  • An inventive mechanism function of Medi-Deep system for Deep control also into a medication usage system
  • A fresh function of Modelling energy consumption also based on memory equipped wireless sensor nodes designed for healthcare system
  • An effectual process of Heterogeneous Health Monitoring System via XMPP-Design and also Implementation
  • A competent method for Development of android also based on pulse monitoring scheme
  • The new process of Development also for low power wearable physiological signal monitoring system
  • A creative mechanism also for telemonitoring service supporting preterm newborns care into a neonatal intensive care unit scheme
  • An effective design mechanism for Smartphone application also used for heart rate monitoring system
  • The novel mechanism for Medical system also based on wireleless sensors in favor of real time remote monitoring of people with disabilities scheme
  • An efficient performance also for Multi-sensor Cardio-Pulmonary Stethoscope used for quantitative lung water measurement system
  • An inventive function of ICE Compliant Component Model designed also for Medical Systems Development scheme
  • A new-fangled practice for Wave propagation also by HBC into a human arm model system
  • The fresh function of Light-Weight and Robust Security-Aware D2D-Assist Data Transmission Protocol also for Mobile-Health Systems [IoT Thesis]
  • A new source for Reliability modeling of anomaly detection algorithms also in favor of WBANs scheme