What are the 4 Files on Ns2 Simulator

In this article, our technical experts have provided the significant information about the 4 files that have been deployed in the process of Ns2 simulator.

4 Files on Ns2 Simulator

For your reference, our research professionals have highlighted the list of 4 files on Ns2 simulator and these are based on the Ns2 programming language.

  • awk
  • It is used to generate the graph trace file which is based on the simulation execution trace file along with the file extension .awk
  • nam
  • The nam trace file is related to the simulation execution process and that is the auto generated trace file which is stored with the file extension of .nam
  • C++
  • It is deployed for the compiling process to build the modules and the novelty is proposed as per the updated modules along with the file extension .cc and .h
  • Tcl
  • The network simulation is defined as Tcl file and it is functioning with the file extension .tcl

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