What is Droptail in Ns2

          Droptail is considered as the simple queue management algorithm and it is about the array of values that are predefined in the maximum length of queue in which the value is reached. In addition, the packets in traffic are preserved identically through the utilization of droptail.

Queue Size of Droptail

           The droptail is about the largest queue size and that is 100. In addition, the simulation utilization of TCP and Reno object has to follow the principle of congestion control in Reno. The throughput is about the exceeding queue size along with the congestion control process for the reduction of queue window size. It includes process of increasing size based on the transformation window after completing the transformation process.

Average Throughput of TCP Flow in Droptail

            The TCP flow in transmission line is functioning as the guideline for the performance of packets with the exponential of transmission line. The mechanism of TCP includes the number of TCP2 packets to reach the stable level and the transmit leads to start TCP3 and TCP4 with the same mechanism. In addition, our research professionals have enlisted the significance of this process to reach the load balancing functions to acquire the stable throughput.

Flow 1: Avg throughput = 0.4512 MBytes / sec

Flow 2: Avg throughput = 0.3643 MByte / sec

Flow 3: Avg throughput = 0.3893 MByte / sec

Flow 4: Avg throughput = 0.4638 MBytes / sec

Congestion Control Droptail

           The mechanism of TCP flow about the congestion control through the utilization of Reno and gradually the size is increased in TCP flow. The size of window is decreased in all the 4 flow during the performance of congestion control.

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