What is Meant by Ns2 Simulator

This article “what is meant by Ns2 simulator” is about the significance of Ns2 simulator. In addition, it includes the description about some code sections in the Ns2 simulator.

Keynotes of Ns2 Simulator

In general, Ns2 is abbreviated as network simulator 2 which provides the substantial support for the simulation in various protocols through both the wired and wireless networks. In addition, there are various kinds of network traffic types which are capable to easily generated along with the utilization of packages and the traffics such as.

  • Variable bit rate (VBR)
  • Available bit rate (ABR)
  • Constant bit rate (CBR)

As an additional note, we provide support for the management mechanism including the CBQ, RED SFQ and DropTail to create the simulation process.

Code Sections in Ns2 Simulator

Here, we have highlighted the code sections in Ns2 simulator and they are organized in the following.

  • Creation of new simulator object and trace file object
  • Source creation and color definition to differentiate traffic flow
  • Link creation among nodes and queuing size definition
  • Topology layout
  • Monitoring of queues for the links
  • Creating TCP and UDP agent and attaching to nodes
  • Creating a TCP sink agents and attach with node
  • Scheduling events for FTP and CBR agents

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